Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Unit 7: Narrative - Brief Introduction

Hello Everyone,

I just thought id give a little more background into this brief and some of my initial thoughts towards the challenge ahead as it were. We have our groups drop box setup making it easy for us to communicate on files etc, we have our blog site up (the template is on its way). We have the time period for our animated short which is the industrial revolution & I'm hoping that by tomorrow we have a few possible ideas in our little piggy bank...

The narrative brief itself has us working with 2 other individuals from our class in collaboration for this project which will defiantly be helpful lightening the load. Our time management is sorted (well part 1 has been published) I'm sure this unit will be a hefty challenge its kind of a relief to have longer here...


Alan has kindly given me a few films (Brazil, shown above) to check out from European cinema which surround the controversial no resolution ending (which happens to be one of my favourite methods of storytelling)Our group has come to the understanding that we need lots of ideas however so we are all searching the recesses of our minds for any and all story topics before deciding on a final idea and hopefully coming up with our own reasons.

Our initial tip of the cup idea just from a little brain storming was delving into child labour (image above) in the mines in light of a massive collapse, particularly with a child and a K-nine friend. It is a direction to consider but I think we are a little squeamish for something overly sad but who knows it could be a possible way to consider. There is something that fascinates me about this topic I wont lie to you, particularly the clothes I think which would be interesting to model.

Anyway I wont waffle further I just thought I would get down some of my personal experience which this brief so far and roll it into a little introduction. I think we are on track with the deadlines this far and hopefully by the end of these 12 weeks our animation should be something we will remember (at the very least).

I hope everyone else is having fun with this brief.

Catch you guys later no doubt.


Unit 7: Narrative - Time Management (Part 1)

*Creaks to life, brushes dust from shoulders and climbs off of the shelf*

Hey Everybody!

First blog post in a while was starting to think I forgot how to do this but I guess its like riding a bike you never really forget and one day for no reason you feel like a nice ride. Summer was... interesting wouldn't call it the best but I guess things are never perfect. Anyway I wont waffle lets get down to the important issue here.

I will be darting between this blog and a group blog with my partners in crime Anita and Lydia over at "Smokestack Studios". I will provide the link below here so those of you that are interested in hearing of our exploits over this next Unit please follow our progress.

For those of you that do not know or are a little confused by now this unit (our Narrative unit) is a group project in which we are to form a mini Studio with some of our class mates. The biggest issue we have had so far was deciding on the Studio name (which ended up Smokestack Studios) but I'm sure were not the only ones.
Anyway lets get to it!
The board looks rather intimidating I know but this load is to be shared by 3 and the project is actually 12 weeks long I just want to be on top of the game as I said to my studio colleagues this is just a rough guideline so we don't slip too far, too fast.

Those of you may have also noticed that this time management post is Part 1 and it is because the Unit length has expanded past last years set menu 5 week per deadline. We now have 12+ weeks to complete 3 fairly large tasks and all of the underline work in between (storyboards, scripts, etc).

One of my roles in our studio is of course Time Management (I knew id get that one lol) mainly because of my complete fussiness around managing time. Id like to think of myself as the guy who sets the main goal of the week so we continue to develop at an acceptable rate with numerous avenues of discovery for every possible idea.

Anyway my attention has been divided but I'll be here for the odd quirky little update.

Take it easy people,