Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Unit 6: Commission - Agebook Signing Off

Hey All,

Just a small update here, it's something I had been meaning to do earlier but what can I say stuff since breaking up has been heating up with our game.

The signing off segment of this post is in the form of 6 videos below which were recorded during our last unit (Unit 6) just so people could get a look into my crazy world. I can only apologise for the pacing I cannot stand still when I'm thinking out loud you can call me crazy if you wish. Just be gentle...

Anyway the videos leading up to the final deadline of:
Unit 6 "Agebook" are below.

The images and video below this text are the construction of my new PC (which I have nicknamed Pandora's Box). The last Unit taught me that I needed new kit so I custom built myself a force to be reckoned with. Dual screen, 16gb of ram with the option of going to 32, Quad Core with 64 bit OS. She glides like a panther and is quite possibly the most lethal machine I have built to date.

Anyway the images below show the construction and eventual completion of "Pandora's Box", I don't brag often so indulge me this once :)

Okay I think that's this post complete with a couple more to go but they will be with you momentarily. I'm kind of proud of this little post I was kind of in two minds about posting it but I think it gives poise to my journey for Year 2 when it rolls around.

Take it easy,

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