Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Unit 6: Commission - Time Management - Deadline Complete

Hello Everyone,

This is the Time Management post that depicts the Unit completely closed I can say that I have done everything in the Unit that is vital to my learning experience. There was a delay on the modelling side as our game has now been converted to a flash rendition meaning there was no urgent need to get skinning satisfied. I ended up doing it just for the experience and I have learnt from it I'm glad to say.

With this Unit complete I can now use my board for other things some which I may link onto here I just don't want to post onto 2 separate blogs at a time I'd rather post on one, it's just quicker and posting blogs to my neat criteria takes me a while to lay them out how I like them. Anyway lets get down to the board.

Its a little shocking when I think back to the beginning of this course, the beginning of when I decided to chase this little dream. Seems like a blip on the radar now but its nice to stand at a landmark after succeeding in something to think "yeah I made it, I wonder how? lol"... I guess theres no reason to let it linger the point is i'm here and things are getting better with every task board.

With everything signed off I think I can conclude this post knowing that I did the best I could here and as the picture above demonstrates its behind me now so I got to look forward for the next bomb shell. I didn't do bad in this unit but I think Unit 5 was my shining moment, its nice to know that I had my 5 minutes this year.

I hope everyone is having a good summer on my course I think I'm beginning to re-gather my bearings for when we are to return to the grind stone. That being said this month is a really busy time for my company so my life is to be rededicated for our final months rest.
Oh well...

Over & Out,

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