Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Unit 8: Character - "10 Waves" Character Sketches - Final Roughs

Hello Everyone

Just thought I would get these up before class today, last week I didn't get a chance and Justin thought I hadn't been considering my workload... Suffice to say I have been, just quietly I work better that way for some reason. Anyway I have explored mainly into my main Character Evaline Alvilda but I have considered the villain a little but am having a few issues there. My K9 sidekick is something we will be addressing later in Justin's classes so I have avoided that for now.

I had been considering how Evaline's chain like arms would function should she need to morph her arms for an upcoming battle. I found myself going into the practical side of it and fleshing it out to the point that I could see it possibly happening to a real person. Strange but I really found myself enjoying this aspect examining the arm closely... considering its joints as holes for chains etc. I also explored her features and finalised what I think her form should be.

I tend to keep slipping though one of the hardest things for me (and it might just be me) is replicating something in a different way I know the shapes are meant to break that down but even so I still find myself creating different things when I mean to create the same things...

Anyway lets get down to the nitty gritty!

Well to begin (see image above) I thought I would explore some female Anatomy which was also a great excuse to dig out my anatomy models (see prior posts). I then found myself flying away from this exploring just with the gesture line and using it to make the body twist and extend. This made the drawings feel much more Dynamic something which has eluded me for waaaaaaaaaaaaay too long. As you can see this was valuable I even did my initial investigation into the arm on this page... just so it was clear in my head for later on...

Next (image above) I found myself exploring into some basic poses which I thought communicated who she was, this was just for my piece of mind... I didn't want her to be heroic, if anything a damsel who has a demon inside her that likes to resurface when you push her too hard (think incredible hulk). Her humanity is what makes her sympathetic but the beastly machine inside her just wants to get out and consume her entirely. For this I went with mostly defeatist poses with the more confident stance being focused on her machine transformation.

I continued my understanding of her into my facial development the majority didn't work but the larger one was defiantly the best and had much more empathy then my earlier etchings.  I was also up in the air trying to decide if long or short hair suited her better I mean the pirate in me keeps saying long hair but then the macho alien feminist image says to me short. I'm not too sure maybe the hair could tentacle out like the chains when she transforms fully into her robotic counterpart. Just food for thought but that's one way I could do it.

I delved briefly into the villain of my story the nasty Capt. Peter Creek but found myself unsure (image above) I could not imagine it too well. I wanted him to be very menacing, I found the more humanoid I made him the more he started looking like the terminator.... Not only that I didn't want the machine to encapsulate him I kind of wanted it to be him just like it is Evaline. I may have to ask Justin today how he thinks I should go about this... I'm in quite a bind here. I also want to capture the pirate image something that doesn't do it for me just yet... more research!!

Next (image above) I found myself delving into making the transformation of an arm into chains something very practical. It was kind of weird at first I didn't expect to get as into it as I did. The pattern of patches for the arm also really worked in my sketch of a hand, I will look into this pattern much more. Anyway basically I re imagined the skin on the arm to be panels of metal that slide into the elbow joint revealing a mass of balled chains that can be propelled towards enemies. I imagine any and all stances with the fully transformed Evaline to be pretty cool with drooping chains.

I returned for a basic view pass (shown above) just so I could show the final shapes of Evaline with the gesture line in front to communicate the pose. Again these were basic tests but the front profile was pretty accurate. I'm just hoping that these sketches are less boyish, again I had a slight issue getting the proportions exact in every instance I will flag this up with Justin today probably. I didn't want to make her too tall but also I didn't want her to be flat in the page so I tried to communicate it with dynamic lines but found the legs getting longer... oh well.

I had a small run at some basic emotion tests (due this week - a few above) but found most of them kind of falling short, however when I got to pain I found it actually worked quite well. I like her face like this, pretty, petite and very capable of demonstrating pain. One of the other great things about her looking like a delicate mouse is that no one is expecting this little flower to become a robotic monstrosity its like the ultimate cover. Suffice to say I will explore other facial expressions this week. I was also very conflicted about the hair so yeah I didn't want to commit entirely.

When I reached the end I found myself experimenting further with the basic shapes and knocked this little sketch together (shown above - please ignore the clothing choice I just didn't want to draw more nakedness). Again I went back to the long hair still thinking it to be quite a pirate thing, I could be wrong but as I said this little detail has yet to be decided. I don't want to cross too far into this being about technology then I do it being about robots and pirates. I find shorter haircuts less ragged and more professional...

I will continue exploring this aspect but I think my next main cause for concern is my villain, I really need to pour more time into him. Today I will probably go to the library to locate myself some pirate reference imagery. The worldwide web is good but I really want to have it all to hand. Suffice to say I am enjoying exploring the tech aspects but I really have to keep it objective here so I know the theme is Robot Pirates... not just Mech/Humans.

Anyway I think that concludes this little well rather large post, I can only apologies that I haven't made too many final decisions as of yet, I will do my best to get this sorted this week. Hopefully with a few more final designs made.

Take it easy!


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