Monday, 12 November 2012

Unit 8: Character - Week 4 - 5 - Sketches

Hello Everyone,

Its been a hectic few days with modelling, only now to be finally getting down to finally posting up our status in Justin's Character design class. I have been exploring my character in lots of ways trying to establish who she is in her form. I don't want it to be too real (as Justin says real is not stylised, our approaches should be unique). I have been exploring that notion with my female heroes proportions. Anyway lets get down to what we have been doing in Character design class.

Well to start Week 4 we were asked to bring in an object from home and then draw it in class, I brought a pencil sharpener much to Justin's disgust (I know, I know). Not that we begun with the object, we were given a room and were told to draw objects within that room. I got the living room which of course my first thought was television. What I ended up creating was actually quite amusing with a heroic control battling the giant egotistical television. I created a lamp as a side kick and even managed to reimagine a coffee table into a little demonic henchman.

The image above shows my development for week 4, it was actually quite fun once I got down to it. You can see my rather pathetic attempts at humanising the pencil sharpener that I brought in at the top right. The idea was to keep the object as closed to its natural form as possible so the first drawing I did (at the far left) was the most accurate with pencil sharpening's as eyes. The coffee table I redrew as a kind of parasitic beetle - Justin liked that idea.  The lesson was basically to show us that anything can become a character you just have to find a personality for the object (a lesson I learnt somewhat with my Oafish Lamp in Unit 5).

Week 5 was mostly based on Gesture (the central line of a character) - the more drastic the line the more dynamic the pose. The gesture line is basically the spine of a character which is causing the various movements in the primitive shapes of our skeleton. The top few are what we did in class, we were then told to explore more freely which I did over a number of basic primitive skeletons. At this point I just wanted to be free and explore what I could achieve with the line - sometimes it worked and other times it just didn't...

When I got home I did a little research and found an image of a female character (my hero is female in 10 Waves) with various turn arounds. I then decided to invest a little more in time in playing with the basic line to see what results I could actually get. I lost a little of my flare here things were much more careful (something Justin told us to try not to do). If a person draws and they are not confident the poses are less dynamic and much less fluid. Still it was a valuable lesson to learn and I hope that when I get into this more down the road Ill just say to hell with the consequences and stop thinking... just DO!!

Suffice to say Justin's advice has been right on the money this far it is in my nature to be terrified of everything I put on paper (including words). I have to push myself a little further then I have been just so I can be more free with my work and less in my own thoughts. The idea here is to sit down and crack out something amazing and I'm sure its in my arsenal... I think.

Anyway that's what we have been doing in Justin's classes the past 2 weeks, sorry Justin for not putting these up sooner I've had a bit of a hectic few weeks... I'm here now though and I will give this my very best shot, who knows it could be (to quote Phil)... amazing.

Catch you all tomorrow!


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