Monday, 8 April 2013

Unit 9: Adaptation - Driver UV Maps

Hello Everyone,

Got 3 big updates to post today so I'm going to be flying through quite a few of these. First and foremost is the Driver UV Maps which I completed last night. I am pleased to say it didn't take as long as expected but to avoid overlapping there was a lot of cutting involved. The main issue I wanted to avoid this time was the pulling of seems. It was present on my Charles model and I hated that when I painted his lips it looked as though he had been dabbling with cherry aid. I think I ironed out most of the issues with this mesh but there may still be some in other places.

I thought I would knock this up as it is a stepping stone for the development of my Driver Model. Half the battle here is sitting down to execute the post but I guess it looks kind of impressive, well from my point it does anyway. I also have the final low poly Driver to post up which should follow this but I will say here and now that I have yet to execute the textures as of yet. I am not just poly painting I am going to be getting normal maps too, which will involve me sculpting detail into him at the higher subdivide and porting it down to bake it into the maps.

Anyway I will stop the waffle time to get down to it!

The "Finding the Seams" image above basically lists the places where I have placed the seems of the mesh. I also did a test checker pass which I draped over the top just to show how they react to its placement as well as the actual UV Grid. The only seam I was a bit unhappy with was the opening of the trousers on the left side as it is a bit out in the open but the trousers needed a good place to open from it was one side or the other basically. The mapping of the arms is what probably took the longest as I had to situate them on the inside and detach the hand uvs to unwrap them.

The "Driver UV's" video was just a little extra that I thought I would show those that are curious as it animates the mesh to its UV Form. I did it a few times just so it worked probably the ZBrush intro can drag on a little if people are not careful. I think I forgot to mention above that this video was recorded in ZBrush, not sure if there are any that are aware of ZBrush's built in recording system which is also pretty awesome... Maya needs something like that. Anyway I am happy to report that everything has ported perfectly into ZBrush so I will be having fun today :)

I also did a quick grab of the Driver in the viewport with his various maps, I had yet to notice at this point that one of the seems had overlapped another but luckily that's been corrected now. Probably wouldn't have noticed if I didn't have to do this post. I'm just kind of hoping that when I paint this guy I have no problems, I really hate stretching on skin especially on exposed areas such as the face which are really key to spectacular characters. The jacket will probably be a small issue as it was with Charles which I have only just noticed is identical Jacket wise but my hands are better :)

Last but not least my "UV Layout" for the Driver which I adopted an orange theme for kind of to tilt my hat to ZBrush. I have also labelled the areas of the mesh which correspond to different parts of the Drivers actual mesh which can also be seen in the ZUV Video above. The hands basically encompass the entire sleeve but are etched in as to keep everything relatively low. I tried merging everything together but it was costing me detail in different areas. Still the brief for a games character can be generated in separate pieces or a 1 piece mesh so I am happy with that.

Well that's it for this post, I will say one thing though to Alan who probably thinks I have forgotten about making Tris in the areas where I know my characters joints will go. Don't worry I have not forgotten I am just doing this rendition for conceptual purposes my final Demo Reel Driver will be accompanied by all his corresponding triangulated joints as requested by the brief. Once I have come to a final version it have the correct triangles. Just thought I would get that out there in case he is shaking his head at my incompetence lol. Anyway I think that does it!

Catcha Later!

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