Friday, 12 April 2013

Unit 9: Adaptation - "Night" Car 2D Turnarounds to 3D

Hello Everyone,

I been cracking away had a really good growth spurt tonight to the point that I think the Low Poly Night Car is almost done. Either way I have disengaged the image planes I just have a few other little bits to do really... but they are mostly details. Anyway I knew one post that I could put up the translation from the 2D image planes to the 3D geometry just like I did with Driver a few posts back. I am following a trend here and everyone knows how I love harmony ha-ha. Anyway I thought I would get ahead of the game a little here... I have my essay creeping up for Sunday.

Anyone who has been following these posts intently for whatever reason should know there has been a love hate relationship with me and cars. I guess posting the "Stage 2" concept for the "Night" car just gave me that little push I needed to get the final details etched in and correct in the terms of edge loops. I model is slightly higher then I had wanted but I figured 5000 poly was acceptable for a model this generation. Of course if I am incorrect there I am sure Alan will tell me to chop bits out if he deems it too high. The final Poly rests on the quality of Driver a post I hope to do tomorrow...

Well there is no time like the present please step into my office!!

The 2D profile of my "Night" car was a stroke of genius on my part, it took bloody ages to get this correct the front as you can imagine was the most complicated. Having no use for a close up side view I decided to throw in the cars scale compared to Driver the base for all of my models. I'm not 100% on the scale of the car but from researching images I think it is pretty close. When I made him taller then the car it looked as though he would barely fit in it. Anyway the details are yet to be etched into the model but the low resolution is there it just needs.... UV mapping DUH DUH DUH!!!!

 photo NightCar3DModelSilhouettes_zps1524311f.jpg

The silhouettes were created by the models mask once I subdivided it a few times, these ones were not drawn by me. To be honest I didn't know where to begin when I was sketching the turnarounds, I couldn't imagine what the silhouette would look like so sorry there. Either way I thought it was justified to post about them. Personally I think its silhouettes demonstrate an old fashioned car perfectly... this model is actually a big success for me. I never thought I would be able to do cars but look at me 1 down and only 1 model to go till I have reached my brief.... WOOP!!

This is actually what the model looks like with the turnarounds cast under the original line art. I managed to get them pretty close. For the hell of it I also did my very first group hug for the Driver and his "Night" car. The model is slightly out of the lines for some of these images but I will not let that bother me here. It looks better this way especially from the 3/4 angle. I removed the head chart as it was completely invalid here really. The car does not have a head so I cannot really scale it from that. You will just have to do as I did and compare it to Driver who is 7 Driver heads tall.

Last but not least the "Night" Car planes to Model, c'mon you really didn't think I wouldn't show you the model on the day of its birth? Shame on you... Its very blocky and can probably lose some detail in the less popular areas but for the most part it is there. I haven't looked at it in ZBrush yet but I will probably save that for when I can sit down and do some proper high resolution detailing. I still have the Driver to think about mostly for tomorrow, when I will be showing you a few nice little bits and pieces that I have been learning from the legend of ZBrush Scott Spencer.

Anyway I think I have hit my quota for today, quite beat actually and its nearly 4am so I think its a good time to call things here with a nice success story. I hopefully will have a few things to show you guys tomorrow, at least I hope I will. The modelling phase can be a tricky mistress and after the other day there were a few little mishaps. I won't go into it but learning a new thing can cause the odd issue and ZBrush can be a little unforgiving if you don't treat it right or throw a toy out of the pram. Still I have a win now so hopefully things will be on the up and up from here :)

Take it easy people!

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  1. Hi Stitch

    Don't forget that you can use triangles to reduce the geometry. Particularly across large surfaces such as the radiator and roof.