Sunday, 30 March 2014

Unit 11: Major Project - Sculpting the Benjamin Model

Hello Everyone,

Here is a sample extract from my latest contribution (29/03/14) direct from Polydoodle Pictures Studio Blog. The video below shows the creation process of the real life Benjamin sculpture. This was created entirely by the talented Ross Castle May over the course of 5 or so days. The video was captured in 30 minute segments by myself and sliced together into an hour long speed segment. I will be hands on for the next model... in some part.


"The video above shows the 5 day process of the Benjamin character being made in Magi-sculpt clay. While this was being shot Stitch was sitting down and fine tweaking a shot of the animated short but there was a few moments where he watched in awe. In a few weeks he goes back to record the painting of the Benjamin model while Ross makes some little fine tweaks. The video is almost an hour long but its a lot of days rolled in to one speed blast."

Read the full article here >>

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