Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Unit 9: Adaptation - Time Management (Part 1)

Hello Everyone,

Sorry I have been MIA, quite a bit of stuff has been going down but never the less I have not let the thought of this Unit escape me. Last week I presented what I planned to do in form of what I call a Pre-Pitch Document to Alan and the group. I got feedback and it's feedback I will be considering (especially after renting out tonnes of 1930s imagery from the library). Needless to say I have a couple of ideas in which to take this unit but one thing I do want to keep is the cheeky comic book feel from the grand theft auto games. I will talk about this more when I do my visual reference post either today or tomorrow... Anyway after the last Unit I needed to get some thing sorted on my end (what also didn't help was the lack of sleep).

For this Unit I have slightly less time due to the overspill from the Character Unit but at least I have a direction to go in and I think I have a good idea where I will take this brief. I have a pre-pitch document which I will put up here in good time and a number of other notes from research which I have conducted. Those of you that do not know I will be basing this unit (in one way or another) on the theme from the book "Drive" by James Sallis. The theme of the book which I wish to replicate is that of a double life. I have already been thinking of a number of ways to apply this but it was suggested in talks with Alan that I should consider going back further in time to the 1930s... I have been thinking a lot on this...

The task board for this unit is less cluttered, mainly because I think I have a decent way of spreading the results I want from this unit. Character felt a little too rushed for me so this time I will be more careful with my time constraint. I have mainly been getting into the theme of the 30s I didn't want to force anything and I wanted to consider a decent style for my character designs. I have 1 character and 2 vehicles in mind as low poly game assets. It is a little ambitious but I think if I work accordingly I will achieve the results intended. Hell I managed to create a character of Peter Creek and that only took a week, the render passes just made it awesome...

I have altered my time management process so many ways but I have learnt how to improve it more from each unit especially when considering overspill and problems going forward. I have not factored in the critical perspectives items but I figured I could spend an hour or so per day looking into what is required instead of forcing it all into a couple of days (that never has worked for any essay I have done - before or since). The key here is to be smart and not to assign myself too much on any given day, It has to be spread out and allowed further thought before commitment. Despite the drastic change from my 1970s theme I will be keeping the name of the project (A short drive between two lives) mainly because I love it. It really communicates what I feel this assignment will be about for me, two lives of a driver.

Well I think that will conclude this post, I will quickly post up the pre-pitch that I did for the presentation last week. I will do it just to show the process, the 1970s theme has been removed entirely or at least it will be. The unit as it was is just too close to the time period of "Drive", so taking it even further back is the obvious decision. I may even play with the double life theme to see if I can come up with something even more inventive then just a driver with a day job and a night job. Who knows, either way this will be pretty fun to find out.

Take it easy!

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