Saturday, 16 March 2013

ACT Speedpaint Challenges: Week 2 (6-10)

Hello Everyone!

It is the Stitch back to do a bit of rambling on his blog but don't worry I promise not to disappoint the masses (if there were masses). I have been collecting my speed paintings for this final week of 5 minute etching sessions and here I am placing them up. The only point I will make here is that I have been experimenting with a few different techniques for Week 2, trying to express my imagery in different ways utilizing quite a few different brushes. I have to say I was not aware of some of the weird brushes I have collected over the years but they are quite out there lol.

A lot of this weeks speed paints kind of falls into the graphic design category but let me assure you I did paint these on they were just a variety of alternate brushes. I guess after last week I wanted to express myself a little differently not so much with paint strokes. Of course I do return to the style towards the end, I am a creature of habit where I usually like to attain some level of harmony between the beginning and the end. I feel as though the end of anything is just the start but in reverse, mind you that is more likely just my way of looking at things.

Now lets get down to those final speed paints!

Challenge 6 of the speed paint challenge was quite menacing to start things began to feel a little more sinister not so sad. I don't know I just kind of made wispy shapes to begin with but everything began to feel quite mechanical probably what inspired the cogs a little. Of course when things began to let up a little I felt the need to gradually gradient things from dark to light. Things just began to feel more eased. The final over the top shape was a swirl brush but If I'm honest the entire image felt like an over the top musical sheet, albeit with machinery.

Challenge 7 was much more lively earlier on, I felt like knocking together lots of curves and colours but then I found myself delving into high colours. If I'm honest this entire segment felt on the go constantly. I didn't let that interrupt my sinister grunge however. Things gradually became more gentle at the end which I tried to communicate again through the broadness of the central colour (the blue tube). To be honest though I felt the focus of this musical extract was very loud and broad so it felt completely like a bright colour explosion.

Challenge 8 was my journey back to the land of painterly grunge brushes. Things began to feel a little more relaxed but there seemed to be a certain order expressed by the percussion. I have no idea where it came from but I really felt like I was in a rendition of Steve's consumer related short. The pink colours I don't know, they just felt right... Very bright again which isn't me but we had come a long way from the sad introduction. The worn paper divide made the entire thing feel like it was held together by a thread awaiting some kind of explosion.

Challenge 9 was loud in every which way, the high screech instruments actually set my mind on edge a little I think I listened to this extract the least just because it bugged me. The feelings I had felt in the prior image about it being the calm before the storm were actually correct. I could see myself travelling down some kind of mise en abyme style image where things just kept repeating and getting louder the further I fell. This entire section was like falling back down through all of the paintings I had done this far, it felt like I was returning to the start.

Challenge 10 was back at the sea where I started only now we didn't need the light of the candle in the waves. The sun was emerging, with a nice purple sky. This felt like a correct place to end things, as the music gradually faded gently. Towards the end of the music I could almost hear the crashing waves of this image probably the most I have felt my own internal sound effects lol. I was also glad to be returning to the painterly effect. I was going to return the bottle but It just didn't feel right, the ending just needed to die down with a nice sun rise.

Well, that's all she wrote for the speed paints. I have done 1 a day for 2 5 day weeks for the duration of 5 minutes (as defined by my mums egg timer). I suppose more then anything I wanted to stick to a schedule, those of you that know me know that I love order and a way of doing things. Most of the time its limiting but I have the occasional day when something clicks and everything works out, I guess those days make it all worth it. At least here it was my chance to get into something and drop it again like our speed sketches in life class. I didn't like them but I learnt something.

Hope you all have a good day!

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