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Unit 9: Adaptation - Stage 1 Concept "Day" Car

Hello Everyone,

Another car update this time in the ways of the "Day" car which is the 1933 Chrysler Imperial Roadster a very rare car - perfect to make an example of. How am I going to make an example of this car you ask? Well I will tell you! It was established when my driver's "Day" job counterpart was considered I didn't want a boring convention where your mission is just to drive a nice car. Oh no not me, the day mission is - you are given a rare car to which your boss instructs Driver to "put on a show" by performing 2 collision stunts with it. The first is an aerial collision and the second is a collision into a wall going a set speed. Ouch indeed.

It is therefore the mission of this here artist, yours truly (Stitch) to figure out not only how to draw this machine (which I wont lie was a nightmare - cars are not my bag), but how to cause it to look damaged which comes with defying perspective (also quite hard). Of course these are still only primitive studies so I didn't get into the smashing or breaking of elements which no doubt does come with car damage. Instead I just angled things bizarrely and did more or less everything my gut told me not to. I created a few pristine versions of the car but for my piece of mind some altered details in the final renditions.

These were quite interesting to make so I will enjoy expanding more detail in stage 2.

The initial roughs came slightly easier for this machine in the later stages but I had to adjust my perspective mistakes from the earlier models. I also wanted to examine the side and front as they create the 3 dimensional version. I had a few quick play tests with that. However I spent most of my time in the 3 quarter trying to hatch the design from vanishing points. I spent a day playing with cars and like the "Night" the image above shows the best ones. As I said though cars really are not me but hey I gave it a go I guess I got carried away with my Driver which gave these less time to flourish oh well...

Next I started looking into car smashing sadly I could not find one of this particular car but the principles can be applied to my car. More notably look at the swaying bumper the lights are therefore out of whack because the front is deformed. I only wanted to focus on the components, not so much the texture as of yet as that falls under detail in "Stage 2". I moved on to the final sketch but decided not to add the off kilter details until I had the facility to make versions of the car. This way it was just more simple to adjust things from the "right" to the "wrong". A smashed car looks wrong - mainly because its components are out of place.

The variations of the car I created actually fell into two categories "New" and "Smashed" for obvious reasons. The top line are the cars primitive details slightly altered, the bottom line are the cars details altered but also knocked out of alignment. From these I am quite fond of the far end - "Alt 2 & Alt 5". Like I said in my last post regarding the "Night" car, the details are best noticed when they are severely exaggerated. Anyway the smash tests were my way of understanding how the key details of the car (Lights, Bumper, etc) would distort when having impacted a wall and another car (Drivers Mission).

Last but not least I did another little animation to show the components of the car and then how they distort between the versions. As I said this was just my way of exploring the proportions of the car like I did with Driver in his stage 1 and precisely like I did with the "Night" car. The only real difference is I added a construction stage which I thought was quite cool. These should set me at a nice foundation for stage 2 when I get into details and color to make my car unique. I of course will be taking into consideration the elements which I am distorting to make my car that little bit stylized.

I could have done things differently for this stage but really there was not a tonne of exploration to do mainly because the details altered were to be kept minute. The car still has to look like the car and therefore the original imagery is still quite accurate. I just have to make it mine with a few little alterations which could come from the bumper, the wheels or the lights. What makes the Day car charming could be that it is smashed and what makes the Night car sneaky is that it is rusted and old. Who knows they are just more details to play with for the incomming stage 2 so be on the look out for those posts in the next day or so.

Anyway I'm done talking everyone's ears off,

Take it easy!

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