Sunday, 13 October 2013

Unit 10: Minor Project - "Bernard" 3D Form Variants

Hello Everyone,

Here is a sample extract from my latest contribution (13/10/13) direct from Polydoodle Pictures Studio Blog. The image below shows Bernard Badgersworth's 3D form variants figures 1 - 5 (out of 20)


"The image above shows Bernard's forms 1 - 5. In the early stages as per usual the top forms are usually very close to the original design. I tend to start not adventuring too far in the beginning. I later load up other ZBrush forms previously created and adapt them slightly to create a moving design. This is usually why the later designs get interesting. Of these ones Form 4 is probably my favourite, I like the podgy belly and the fact that the father is leering below Barnabas a bit... The frame is near identical but the flabby belly could be attributed to Benjamin..."

Read the full article here >>

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