Monday, 30 September 2013

Unit 10: Minor Project - Introduction

Hello Everyone,

Another minor update but I'm dealing with a bit of a backlog here and I still have to do a post or two on the 365 Day Project website yet. Never the less I will maintain my obligations to every blog and website, there just may be a few hours between updates. Anyway for those of you that do not know or have not read the prior post... For my minor project I am working in collaboration with Chrissie Peters and Sammy Butler on our studio blog "Polydoodle Pictures" which can be located here:

The Goal of our Minor Project (Polydoodles minor project) is to create Pre-Production assets (concept art, 3D models, animatic, pre-viz, etc.) to develop Sammy's prior unit 4: storytelling unit which was entitled "& Son". Information about it can be found on Sammy's blog here: The assets created by our minor project (3D character models, 3D scenes, etc.) will then be used in the creation of a final animated short. This is a year long collaboration between our team of 3 over at Polydoodle.

Anyway lets continue with this little update!

The image above is how I will post little samples from my posts over at the Polydoodle pictures blog. I will post one image on this blog an image like the one above with a bit of information about the post. I will tag and name the post and at the bottom provide a link to the full post over on the Polydoodle Pictures blog. I don't see the point of typing up the same post again on this blog when it is already posted over at Polydoodle. This way I can inform everyone that I have posted just on a different blog while giving them a little information on the post before they visit the link.

The Polydoodle Pictures Studio blog (shown above) will have 3 lots of updates coming in from Art Director Chrissie Peters Story Director Sammy Butler and Technical Director yours truly David Vandepeer (Stitch). The minor and major project is to make up what has come to be known as the year long project as it takes a sizeable amount of time to complete certain animated shorts. Updates will be regular so please follow the blog if you are not already. I will only be publishing my contributions to the project on my blog so check theirs out as well!

To find Sammy's blog go to this address: To find Chrissies blog go to this address: You know where I am if you are reading this post so no need to tell you my blog. The Polydoodle Pictures blog is also at the top of this post, just in case you missed it. Hopefully by the end of this project we will have something epic to be talked about for years to come. It's my third year after all, I really want to push the boat out and knock as many people flat as possible... Keep your eyes peeled for updates!!

 Catcha Later People!

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