Monday, 30 September 2013

The 365 Day Project - Introduction

Hello Everyone,

I have a few updates to do on this blog mainly due to my attention being divided between a secondary blog and my 365 Day Project website. I am going through the backlog now and am hoping to file a few things away on here tonight. Firstly I will talk to you briefly about my own personal third year University project (The 365 Day Project) which will be comprised mostly of Video logs and photograph documentation. The 365 Day Project is to mark the third and final year of my undergraduate degree at the University of the Creative Arts Rochester.

Throughout this year I will be sporting a camera and interviewing a few of my creative colleagues about their respective projects. I will also be documenting my exploits with our third year collaboration group "Polydoodle Pictures". I will post headlines from these here and link the post on here to our group blog over at Other topics covered by the Project include "Angry Bear", "The Creative Step Guide", "Exclusive Leap" & "Operation Z". You can read about these more at the website, please check it out!
The image above shows the overall logo for the project (usually it animates). The website is basically built to document my creative exploits for my final year in the CG Arts and Animation Course. I have a minor and major project as well as a dissertation to refine. The Minor and Major will be based over at the Polydoodle Blog but I will post headlines here and videos on the 365 Day Project site. If you are just looking for polydoodle updates specifically then you can just go and check out the blog at the link above. As buzz light year used to say "to infinity and beyond!"

The video above shows a brief introduction to the project. If you would like to see more details about the project please just go directly to the website. I will not be posting too many updates onto this blog directly from the project site (I don't see a point of posting this project everywhere I'm already doing it for polydoodle). It will be up to everyone if they would like to see their respective interviews, etc by visiting the proper website. Time is really short and I'd like to try and keep my post amount down but there will be lots of updates you just have to go to the right places.

Anyway its nice to be back!

Over & Out,

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