Sunday, 4 December 2011

Unit 3: Environment - Life Class Week 8

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Well this will be my final post of the day before bed. I have more life classes on Tuesday so I figured I would get this up all ready to go for when the next load is due to go up.

With the start of our new Unit (3 - Environment) we are being tasked with identifying shade as opposed to line. This requires us to just consider the bare basic lights and darks of our model bypassing the lining process entirely - this is quite a challenge :)

Fig 1 (above) was our initial sketches, I found this idea a little difficult to grasp at first. Being so used to line I reverted back to my old methods but I did attempt to grasp the principles after an initial line was present.

Fig 2 (above) was our first drawing for 30 minutes, I found this pose particularly difficult namely for the weight in the arms. Shade was also a constant concern which is hence why it took so long. It certainly wasn't my best attempt but it was the means to Fig 3.

Fig 3 (above) was much more refined, if I was being fussy I'd say that the proportion is out but I was much happier with the result as opposed to Fig 2. The tone on the back was specifically accurate which is where I spent a bit of my time. I think I did well with this image.

Fig 4 (above) was the first in a series of 6 minute sketches, I think for these Chris was trying to get us all to let go and just focus more on tones as opposed to shape. Fig 4 was probably my least favourite of the 3 6 minute images I did, my first is hardly ever my best.

Fig 5 (above) was much better, while the right knee is slightly out of shape I liked the way the figure was only defined by its shade. The feet are firmly on the floor which meant my feet perspectively were accurate (an occurrence I wish to get better at).

Fig 6 (above) was me finally letting go and trying to justify the shape using tones only. The fact that I only had 6 minutes was also pretty difficult but I think I was beginning to get the idea. For me its just nice to have some illustrators but when you have 6 minutes there is no time for that.

Well, that concludes week 8 of life class, can't believe I've had 8 lessons already kind of weird when you think about it in weeks. 8 doesn't sound like many but I feel as though I've learnt quite a few new tricks... Wish me luck for Tuesday :)

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