Monday, 12 December 2011

Unit 3: Environment - Thumbnails - The Salvage Planes (1-20)

Hello Everyone,

The following are thumbnails 1 - 20 of my isolated outpost set in the dreaded salvage planes of the Rhinoa - the fallen city. This scenario is an occurrence which happens on a regular basis in the planes, due to heat storms - which are comprised of severe heat.

This provides my scene with basis as to why it is abandoned, people are trying to regulate their body temperatures by remaining inside... but in some cases even that cannot save them.

Anyway with that back story in place, we move on to the thumbnails.

Thumbnails 1 & 2 (above) were just experimentation's really. 1 was just to isolate what the outpost could look like from a frontal position. 2 was the second slice of my development the 3d Mirror, with these two combined I will have my 3d model reflecting my painting.

Thumbnails 3, 4, 5 & 6 (above) were when I decided to begin bringing in charcoal on a more intense level. I like 3 & 5 here - 3 because I love the eccentricity of the broken glass edges, 5 because of the setting it looks kind of like a grave yard outpost... very me.

Thumbnails 7, 8, 9 & 10 (above) were more experimentation into angles utilising multiple perspective points at different angles. I liked 7 here because the idea of having a sign cut in half makes one wonder what the rest says. 10is possibly my most favourite for perspective.

Next came Thumbnails 11 - 14 (above) I reverted back to the mirror here initially which inspired 11 & 12. My favourite is 11, I love the cracks that project the outpost scene. 13 & 14 were more plays on perspective and lighting. These stages were also exploration into expanding the detail of my buildings.

For thumbnails 15 - 18 (above) I let myself go. Casually dipping into the collection of imagery on my influence map. 17 was a back alley inspired very much by Francois Barangers Heavy Rain Alleyway concept. I overused the darks purposely here... i really wanted to convey the correct lighting.

For thumbnails 19 & 20 (above) I found myself moving closer to buildings and conveying less and less. 20 was literally moving closer to a shack in the outpost. You cant see it well but there is a cross in the ground - charcoal smudged due to the fixident solution.

Well that concludes the thumbnails for now, I will have more hopefully by the end of this week with a little more creative development to wet every ones taste buds :) MIA tomorrow though I have a games tournament to go too.... Fun fun fun!!

Take it easy everyone!

Over & Out,

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