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Unit 3: Environment - The Uncanny - Mirror Image Research

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Having read numerous details on Freud and the uncanny specifically I have decided to capitalise on my enjoyment on the use of the Doppelganger. My primary focus for this post is mirrored imagery specifically broken mirrors. The broken mirror is a symbol of the unholy (and seven years bad luck) I believe this is a great doorway for me to distort to create an accurate uncanny effect.

Figure 1 - Tom Hunter - Swan Song Series - Power Station

Figure 1 is the perfect symmetry between the physical and reflective. As the water draws closer to the camera it blurs making one believe that the water is a holographic portal to another world. One cannot help but gaze into the water to try to differentiate the two.

Figure 2 - Tom Hunter - Prayer Places Series

Figure 2 is an image one could believe is the perfect combination of the unholy with a mirror less symmetry. As the stalls draw closer to the camera one cannot help but feel tiny compared to this great towering structure. Does the god ray coming from the left window signify this side as good? Maybe...

Figure 3 - David Hilliard - 2006-2007 - Home, Office, Evening Day

Figure 3 feels almost incomplete. The amount of range in the image only suits to deepen ones thoughts. There are inconsistencies but the core details line up like it is the exact same scene set at different times. The eye glancing in the little mirror at the centre is one to be considered in itself - what is she thinking? When you compare it to the others it is normal but by itself it is Uncanny.

Figure 4 - David Hilliard - 2006-2007 - Jackie Immersed

Figure 4 has a very interesting layout like photo booth pictures. The middle image has our model and her reflective counter part, what is particularly interesting is the use of the sky (signifying a heavenly intent) and then its reflective opposite present but shrouded in mystery.

Figure 5 - David Hilliard - 2008-2009 - Hug

Figure 5 bends to accommodate its viewer very much like Hillard's other work. Interconnecting different shots almost perfectly. The mirror in this shot spoke out to me specifically, it is completely absent only to reflect a door which would otherwise show a slight narrow of the mans jacket.

Figure 6 - Damien Loeb - 2011 - Welcome to Paradise V1.0

Figure 6 is mystery itself. The viewer has no idea of the woman's real personification and is forced to trust the reflective alternate (mirror). One can only question what she is doing... with no answer confirmed.

Figure 7 - Damien Loeb - 2001 - Room 237

Figure 7 is quite possibly one of my most favourite images. What says uncanny more then the daunting room 237 of the shining's overlook hotel. The evocative carpet is visually demanding, drawing one into the bathroom. The size of the room is the most chilling, architecturally it cannot be possible... or can it?

Figure 8 - ArmyBrat1521 - 2007-2011 - Broken

Figure 8 is a more Gothic look at the destruction of a mirror. The fragmented reflection signifies a broken heart causing one to question from which side. Is love flourishing on the other side of this mirror? Being completely opposite to this side.

Figure 9 - Just0Do0It0TT - 2011 - The Broken Mirror

Figure 9 is over saturated and completely wrong seen in contrast with a brick wall. Ones mind still cannot help but wonder what would be in that reflective glass if it wasn't covered in dust and dirt.

Figure 10 - Drake1024 - 2009-2011 - Broken Mirror

Figure 10 is the best image here by far. What is the mirror showing us? Is that world our opposite? Or is this mirror conveying the world in front of it? The building it shows feels like it has the ability to repeat itself in all directions. The crack in the glass is the most mystifying is it distorting the image? Very evocative.

Well that concludes my image storm for the Doppelganger (reflective self). This was interesting to browse through allowing me to consider a number of avenues where I can take my creative project.

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