Thursday, 8 December 2011

Unit 3: Environment - Life Class Week 9

Hello Everyone,

New Life Class update, but the last before Christmas. I guess next Tuesday I'm just going to be kicking back possibly reviewing the last film for a programme this term. Over Christmas I am probably going to have a play with some more drawing exercises, I want to be at the top of my game when we return.

Anyway, this week in Life Class was kind of a free lesson although it was kind of focused on Shade. We had a spell of speed drawings and long drawings, when I say Speed i mean 15 seconds long... was horrifying but educational.

Anyway lets get onto the drawings...

Figure 1 shows our traditional spell of warm up drawings, 1 minute per pose in which we have to isolate the form as soon as possible. Still getting to grips with these but I'm sure they will get better as we go on.

Figure 2 was a 30 minute sketch using charcoal. Aside from the leg I was quite proud with the tone achieved. The face needed more delicacy but what captivates me is the darkness of the background, it really makes the model pop.

Figure 3 was further speed sketches which began with the standard 1 minute as used in our warm up sketches. A couple of these I thought were pretty good considering the time frame and the difficulty of some of these poses.

Figure 4 was when things became very difficult. Chris has us do an entire round of 15 second sketches which felt as if they were over before they began. Not really sure if people can tell what the form is in these but hey here they are all the same...

Figure 5 was another lengthily sketch but shorter then the original 30 minute one. I think this was 10 minutes, I was happy with the detail acquired on the body specifically, I really need to address my leg and face development, so they can be done quicker.

Finally Figure 6 was a shorter sketch I think 5 minutes, this felt okay proportionally but I think what bugs me here is the stomachs lack of under hang, the face as well. Oh well more things for me to work on in my own time.

Well this concludes week 9 of life class before Christmas, for those of you actually watching... thank you :) For those of you that are not, oh well I tried :)

Take it easy everyone!

Over & Out,

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