Sunday, 4 December 2011

Unit 3: Environment - The Uncanny - Primary Research

Hello Everyone,

To wrap up my understanding of the Uncanny I decided to take a few photographs of my own today. To those of you that do not know the mirror will be the key for my final concept. Today I have had a play with a number of different images practising particularly isolation and doppel gangers.

I even created a photo-story board of my own portrayal of the term "doppelganger" this will be posted below in 3 segments. Everything else are just extra shots that I made which I felt kept me nice and grounded.

Well without any further ado, I give you my Primary Research into the Uncanny:

Well as you can see above Doppel Regnag (Ganger backwards) tells the story of a guy who's reflection has its own life. In the end it ends up switching places with him and then dying itself as theoretically it could not survive on this side of the mirror. When his alternate dies so does he, as one cannot exist without the other.

This was just so I could drill the use of the doppelganger into my memory, after this I can quite frankly say that I will not forget the uncanny of a mirror or doppelgangers.

Next came some basic mirror photos (Mirror Snapshots above) just for my own understanding, I want the textures to be perfect on the final drawing. I also had a play with angles and cropping I'm quite fond of 3 I like the flat angle showing what the picture will not allow you to see (out of the window). Is it real?

Last but not least I did Extra shots (above) studying above all else Isolation, I then decided to incorporate my little doggie I know it goes against the rules of this brief somewhat but it is him alone. I then went around my house taking Isolated images one of my favourites is looking outside to the table and umbrella (8).

The final images I did were back to the mirror only this time I angled it up right. 10 is my most favourite here, you can see the edges of my fingers and the angle is just so uncanny.

Well this concludes my research storm, I am more prepared for this project then the last. Now I just gotta get reviews and my Perception Essay underway. Catcha later everyone!

Over & Out,


  1. when you get a spare moment, watch the original Candyman movie - that will put you off mirrors indefinitely!

  2. Haha, I watched the Kiefer Sutherland Mirrors (that crapped me up a little). Gonna have to see if I can get that from the Library! Cheers Phil!