Friday, 9 December 2011

Unit 3: Environment - Pre-Viz Camera Setup - Week 1

Hello Everyone,

Just posting a quick update for 3D modelling. Another post will follow a bit later showing the use of Diagonals and Thirds in published productions (films, etc). I don't mind saying that setting up these cameras is a little bit of a nightmare...

Still, Mayhem averted for now. The one thing I can tell myself is that I now have the camera rigged and ready to go and can use the same camera for a number of scenes (not just this one).

Anyway lets get down to the visuals!

Image 1 shows the camera plane dividing the scene into thirds, this is derived from the Mathematical rules of composition which stem from the Fibonacci Spiral (Golden Spiral). This is standard for depicting the standard trajectory of the viewers eye.

Image 2 shows the camera plane dividing the scene into diagonals, or to ones eye a satisfying visual Z. One tends to scale across a camera shot with their eyes usually to the route of a Z shape therefore isolating key points, these are exposed in the the diagonal shot above.

Image 3 shows my camera on its rotational ring. This will allow me further freedom when operating the camera controls. Focal length and angle of view can also be adjusted by manipulating the camera parameters (or by clicking the name of the parameter and dragging).

Image 4 shows the 4 panel shot of my scene. My Pre-Viz thirds & diagonals are setup on different layers and are not render able (hence why the images above are all screen grabs). This concludes the pre-visualisation process my camera is now good to go.

My published production images will follow later on today, hope everyone has enjoyed this post.

Take it easy people,

Over & Out,

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