Monday, 12 December 2011

Unit 3: Environment - Pre-Viz Camera Use - Week 2

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I am just coming in with the final 3D modelling update for camera rigging. Basically this post is to show the construction of composition in feature films and published media. These shots were not easy to find but I think they cover the 5 required by the brief.

I have chosen to cover 3 thirds and 2 diagonals, this will convey my understanding of the brief and the use of camera placement.

Well, the images are below...

Figure 1, shows a still of south park the signature bus stop where they wait to be picked up to be taken to school. This shot is commonly used in Comedy Centrals episodes and is seen as a stage of sorts which builds up the premise of any episode.

Figure 2, shows a still from Avatar a very close composition but the divide can be clearly seen. This is to expose the intensity of the situation as Jake is just about to wrangle himself a mount - of which will try to kill him.

Figure 3, is a still from Gears Of War 3 showing the impending battle of Marcus Phoenix running through a realm of ash bodies. The central camera position is ideal for this shot showing a strong sense of urgency, highlighted by reflected armour.

Figure 4, is a still from Inception showing the incline of an imaginary building. This scene conveys De-Caprio's location as he looks up to a surreal landscape that folds on top of itself. The viewers eye follows his into the experience.

Figure 5, is a still from Edward Scissor hands this still is more simplistic then the others but the viewers eye moves across the shot in the required Diagonal fashion. This scene is interesting in itself as this is the house where the Majority of the film is shot.

Well that concludes this post, I hope everyone found this interesting and more importantly I hope that I can apply these methods to my future settings. Well take it easy everyone and I will see you soon.

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