Monday, 29 October 2012

Unit 7 & 8: Narrative & Character - Time Management (Part 2)

Hello Everyone,

Just posting this as I usually do only in this case it is an incomplete complete... if that makes any sense at all. Basically this unit is longer then my usual 5 week preset consisting of a 12 week duration. It is because of this that there are now multiple posts for our 2 active projects (Narrative & Character).

So far we are on task with our Narrative project hitting the odd high note while being thrown the odd extra curve ball on occasion. For those of you that do not know our Narrative project is an animated short our character Unit runs in tangent with that unit but that is individual.

The image above shows my little time management sheet the ticks show that our pre-production is pretty much there with the odd little extra pending. Regardless we are on the early stages of production now having explored our idea further. It is my goal this week to establish the character motivation of Charles and demonstrate that to our Clients (Alan, etc).

Well that is weeks 1 - 5 complete, forgive the lack of the name Character here... I began it one way so it seems only fitting to finish it and introduce the character theme in the next board even though some tasks have already gone underway toward the character Unit. I'm a little nervous as things go ahead but hopefully everything goes according to plan...

We have most of our pre-production for Narrative complete leaving the Character side of things a little sparse but that is slowly being resolved... Like anything its about finding the right balance here and assigning the right amount of days to be thinking about something... Even writing something off after a while if you cant find a solution or figure out why its not working... (that applies particularly to Character).

Well let me welcome in weeks 6 - 10 as things move forward lets hope there isn't too much overlap after the next 5 weeks. Postmodernism begins to make its appearance towards the end of the board. The top is mainly based on Narrative with gradual slices set aside for Character. As we get towards the end we see more of character as render tasks begin to appear meaning there will be no actual further development time for Narrative.

I am a little dazed and confused, still kinda wondering how I got this far but some how I'm still standing... I must really want to make a statement lol. Part of me didn't think this was possible when I realised it was 3 briefs rolled into one 13 week period but I guess like anything its about careful planning and motivation.

Well I think I'm done with this little post, this is quite possibly the biggest time management post I have made yet.... sooo many images. There will be a third part for the final 2 weeks with possibly a week or so further development for character over Christmas break.

Catcha later people!


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