Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Unit 8: Character - Influence Maps - Pirate/Robot/Style

Hey Everyone,

Influence Map time, this has been somewhat debated but what I ended up settling on was the atypical pirates of the Caribbean but then I re-assessed and looked into some other stuff including zombie pirates. However there are a number of pirate sketches that I found which certainly give me more of a footing when it comes to visualising the basics of the characters. (see below)

Anyway the first (pirates) influence map is crude but it gives me some basics to start looking at as I said in my first post I'm looking for serious not a kids world... this story is going to be very dark if I can help it... this year is about letting my darkness shine out. I guess it couldn't be at a better time.

Before you say it yes I know it is predominately female characters but that's because my lead is female with Robot parts. My male lead (also my antagonist) is a robot I may put on some human components but mostly he is Robotic so that covers most if not all of the second influence map. My sidekick is also a dog keeping the female lead in check of her humanity.

Okay this side is going to be my male lead mostly robotic almost entirely devoid of humanity. I kept the dog image in there because it showed a contrast between animal and machine. In my case the dog is against his robotic master trying to protect the heroine's humanity from the savage monster who was once her love. Its a little cheesy maybe but what can I say we were told to come up with something basic and I really wanted to exercise my darkness...

Last but not least is the style I am aiming for, I wish to be strategic with my final concept art of these characters. I don't just want line art I want something partially painted and partially sketch very much like Guild Wars 2 concept art. I am setting myself a challenge in this regard because I have loved this style for so long but never done anything to understand how its done... Now I will learn... You also have to love anything done with blotches... I don't want comic art style concept.

Last but not least I put this in for personal reference to myself I didn't see a point of making an influence map just for an individual picture. This was just some reference to give me some pirate themed costumes and obviously give me advice on how people make them creepy. These pictures are zombie pirates... more importantly they are painted - shock horror there is no line art. There won't be on mine either I'm aiming for something realish here with my own style of course...

Well I think that concludes my initial research, when I get stuck I don't doubt for a second that I will be out surfing for more and more reference. Until then I have my ground level now lets see how far up the ladder I can go with this.

Catcha later all!

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