Monday, 29 October 2012

Unit 8: Character - "10 Waves" Rough Character Sketches - Evaline Alvilda

Hello Everyone,

I promised Justin I would play around this week and I did even though I don't have as much as I wanted. I focused on the hero of my story and found myself trying out more complex poses and studying form more then I thought I would. The advantage of doing this was I learnt a few new tricks and figured out a couple of design choices. The problem however is I didn't get to explore the robot factor too much much to my own sadness. That will be something I look into this week!

I did consider facial choices but didn't really finalise anything I just wanted to get a vibe for the form (especially since this past week was based on altering proportions. I did test this albeit briefly on one of the pages below. I'm a little disappointed that I didn't get more done I have no idea where the time went this week. Although I have been spending alot of time on completing our Maya exercises. Anyway I wont make excuses here, I have to really start pulling my finger out this week.

I did get a brief chance to study faces which began very rough and loose only to go back and fix them because they were alot worse. One thing I have learnt from doing all of these are my legs and arms are always the most time consuming aspect of anything. I will ask Justin this week if poses are key for our characters or if the basic front on images are what he requires of us. It could very well be that I have started doing this the difficult way round.

Well what I have figured out this week is to stop being so precious with things I really have to get out of this habit feeling the need to make everything work. In the end I think I used more time trying to fix some of the weaker things on these pages. I just have to get this going and be thinking more freely about my ideas. I will commit even more time on this Unit over the next week darting between this and our Charles model (development has to start this week).

Anyway I wont waffle further, I did quite a bit of thinking this week but now is the time to start getting more stuff down quicker. Ive got to stop being precious here, because at this point everything is up for debate. Hopefully tomorrow will give me more to think about as I delve into this concept further. At least I know the direction I'm going in with my theme sorted out and at least initially researched... Justin's Pirate props have also given me a few ideas that I will post up very soon :)

Catcha later!


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