Monday, 22 October 2012

Unit 8: Character - Introduction

Hey Everyone,

Today is the day I officially get around to posting up our next Unit (Unit 8 - I think) for Characters, it's basically to create a classic hero, villain and sidekick character design booklet looking into turn arounds and various poses with fundamental ideas in how to draw and communicate the design to others.
We were all given 2 separate components from playing cards which we are to base our characters on (providing some level of design requirements) - i.e. Anthropomorphic Secret Agents. In my case I was given Robot Pirates so mine will on some level be Pirates with Mechanical limbs, etc attached. We were also asked if we wanted to do something fun and bubbly like a classic cartoon or set our fiction on a more serious path (i.e. Batman universe, etc) - not to copy it but to make a serious world.
The following are pointers Justin and I talked about on the characters idea:

HERO (Female - Mostly Human)
  • Think about props
  • Costume
  • The Reluctant Hero
  • Rust, Old, Worn
  • Replacement Parts/Mech - Human Elements
  • Maybe was once a villain themselves

VILLAIN (Male - Mostly Robot)
  • Drives Plot
  • Believable Character (not stereotype)
  • Possible ex love interest of hero
  • Mech could = Corruption
  • Human could = Good

  • Could be comedic
  • Empathetic
  • Not Driving plot
  • Memorable
  • The good force driving the hero

First glances into research is leading me down the realistic path for this brief (i.e. set in a serious universe), I wish the concept art to be stylised, have a certain unique quality, I don't want the characters to be bubbly, they have to be bad ass and If I have my way they will be more human then mech well the hero will be at the very least.
I will probably base my pirate theme onto something like Pirates of the Caribbean replacing sea parts with bygone rusted metal degraded past all typical ease/functionality. I want my hero to be the anti hero type good but not trying to make any friends.

My villain will be some kind of arch nemesis who took something important from the hero my sidekick will be a companion to the hero, trying to get them to pull their head from their behind when they do something which isn't quite straight and narrow - essentially making the hero a good person as opposed to bad.

I'm not against making my main hero female
because I think that is very unexpected especially for a pirate theme plus it will be interesting to get some slick female driving a story against a physically superior villain meaning she has to use not just her strength but her wits to defeat him... Spices it up for me and makes it much more interesting.
Anyway that's my brief introduction into this brand new unit, at the very least it should show that I am now thinking about what my theme will be about. At the very least it should be fun I personally love the corruption angle I can play with this. We will see what Justin says when I get over my synopsis for these characters fictitious world.

Well that concludes this little introduction.
Catcha Later

Over & Out,

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