Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Unit 8: Character - Anatomy Figures

Hello Everyone,

I was going to post this up yesterday but I may have mentioned that my power was yanked yesterday from the minute I got in more or less... And thus this and all posts including what extra work flow I did have in me was suspended indefinitely. Let us not dwell on things we have no power over, I have a few posts to get through on here tonight so I hope your ready to digest!! On a starting note please take a gander and Fig 5 & 6 :)

This post is about some anatomical figures which I ordered (figs below) from the states a few weeks back, when I heard we had no more life class I wanted to give myself a permanent reference for all future characters (not just pictures in a book but dimensional). For those of you that do not know about I figured I would just mention it on here (its where I bought them from).

They basically have removable sections and show various layers of the human anatomy. They were mentioned in a Zbrush book I purchased some time back, which more or less would not shut up about the importance of having a physical reference in your artist studio (in my case my living room)The models freaked out my mother a little but what can I say sacrifices have to be made :)

There are sections which can be removed from the model to allow the viewer to explore them more closely the most important of which is the head... Still hands can be tricky too :) - See figs 7-12 below...

Sadly the only removable sections are shown above but to be honest for what they are I'm glad you could deconstruct it to this degree. I expect to be a master of hands and heads some day very soon and with this I should be able to explore anatomy for our character studies (Hey Justin!).

The models were a bit of a feel good purchase I made a few weeks back, and now that I have them I'm glad there here because I'm going to be paying particular focus to what I can create for the character unit... I'm a little scared but hopefully I will glean something epic from this...

Well I hope people who did check out this post have enjoyed it I'm now off to post up a load of sketches from Justin's class this week... I will then be getting down to some character sketches before Maya and eventually.... Bed

Take it easy!!


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  1. ... very useful - if not a tiny bit 'uncanny'? :)