Sunday, 15 January 2012

Unit 3: Environment - Concept Art for Final Scene

Hello Everyone,

I've been slaving away like a trooper on my little scene, learnt a new trick or two which could probably have shaved a day off had I known it sooner, anyway. I have created a number of variations, some using texture which I think kind of work.

I have also been looking at the possibility of the Mirror reflecting my final scene itself and continuing on forever, as opposed to the stair scene in the mirror but I am not sure.

Anyway lets get onto the Final Concept.

Image 1 (above) is the original, the point where I am at now, carefully deciding what to put in the mirror as my matte painting. Once I have it decided I can begin work, it is a simple case of cropping it and downsizing it to fit the mirror shaped hole - easy as pie really... but don't tell anyone I said that lol.

Image 2 (above) is my original idea of the concept, while it is not painted right now I have the stock image I was using as reference. It is basically a staircase which is where I was going to lay a suitcase, selling some level of ambiguity. I may still continue with this idea, just wanted to throw an alternate out there which is below...

Image 3 (above) was spur of the moment, but I like what it says about the mirror leaning into my ideal of alternate realities. Seeing it puts me a little on edge and I have no idea why its possibly because the mirror feels like it eats your eye. Anyway this is the alternate I'm putting out there, not sure if this is something people would like more then the staircase - here it is all the same.

Image 4 (above) is a texture pass that I ran on my painting, I liked this it really gave the image some grittiness. Those that know me know that I love to age things its one of my favourite things. I thought I would put this on there as a separate image to get some thoughts, if not I can remove it easy as. I only did a second texture pass after this and that was just to age it some more.

Image 5 (above) is the end result of the final texture pass, I love the reflectivity it achieves in the doorway making the water area look wet. The edges destroyed again like it is a photograph (deja vu from Unit 1). It has to be said I'm quite chuffed with this image - there are lots that have meaning as I based this image on a story I have been planning to animate at some point.

This concept has been a long process but I think the quality shows. I have achieved what I set out to do here, I can remember for a long time imagining this bar and now I can finally see it. It has its flaws but I can correct them some other time when I get time to go into my animated AE project :)

Well now I have to get cracking on the essay and my final review, Phil if you get this let me know if you like the idea of the mirror reflecting mirrors. If you don't I can go back to my original idea and just paint the staircase.

Take it easy people!

Over & Out,

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  1. I like it! The 'mise-en-abyme' effect in action - and I like the colour-balance of concept art number 5.