Thursday, 12 January 2012

Unit 3: Environment - Preparatory Studies - Development

Hello Everyone,

Just coming in with my current developments, if there are anymore prior to the actual concept I will post them but I think I have reached the end of experimentation today is the day to get cracking with the final concept.

I have done 5 developmental stages - Initial Colour & Light, Texture, Light Position, Mirror Frame Design & a Final Colour/Light Test. These stages have helped me establish what I usually find difficult with concepts.

Let's move on to the developmental stages.

Image 1 (above) shows the development of the concept from thumbnail to texture pass to light & perspective pass. I then blended the light pass with the texture pass to get a darkened version. I then added a colour hue and varied this across the 3 colour pass thumbs. This was just to establish possible colours for the scene.

Image 2 (above) shows the sources used for textured thumb I thought this would be helpful to note earlier on so I know what textures may or may not be required for the 3D scene. I have established to this point that the contents of the mirror will be my matte painting, just hoping it plans out how I think it will.

Image 3 (above) is my light tests, which expanded from the original going through a number of alterations. This allowed me establish how many light sources I'd like in my scene and where their locations were most effective. The original was too bright and through experimenting with a number of ideas I reached Light Test 5 which inspired me the most.

Image 4 (above) is my Mirror Design, this is my primary focus for the 3D scene, I want it to be more elaborate then anything else in the scene. The painting it will be showcasing will be contrasted with the 3D scene causing an uncanny clash. There is an element of mystery here but I want my painting to inspire the idea of an incomplete scene.

Image 5 (above) is my final test, I wanted to show the direction the concept will probably take. That being said I am still in two minds about having a light from the back door as opposed to my scene just showing a staircase on a mirror next to a dark secluded room. The door intrigued me though as it really did creep me out a little... still we will see what happens.

Well that concludes my preparatory studies for now, when I get down to the matte painting I may readdress this idea but for the moment it feels more uncanny then the sketch expressed and that's good enough for me :) Textures are still to be added especially since this is a shack and not a hospital waiting room lol, Anyway.

Take it easy people,

Over & Out,


  1. an elegantly presented and comprehensive overview of your plan of action, Stitch. Good stuff.

    1. Hey Phil, Thanks is this idea uncanny enough? Just curious before I commit :) want to be the best I can be... Anyway glad you like my current developments :)