Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Unit 3: Environment - Thumbnails - Definitive/Dev (41-50)

Hello Everyone,

Coming in with my final Thumbnails which I hope to answer questions thrown at me on my OGR. I have picked 3 primary ideas and have even provided a breakdown of those ideas with further thumbs & exploration. I will explain everything as this post goes & hopefully people can now understand what I am actually going to be doing for this unit.

I have downplayed the role as it was feared that my image being showcased in shards is "fantastical" but I still liked the idea of cracks in a mirror & I believe that can be ambiguous because the image is distorted because of those cracks. That being said I have chosen 2 alternates which utilise mirrors in different ways.

Here are my definitive ideas expanded across my final 10 thumbs.

Thumbnail 41 Originated in Thumb 3 but the angle intrigued me as did the entire idea of an open window with an emitting light source. For this thumb I could see the mirror being constructed in 3D & the image reflecting from the mirror being the matte painting. This thumb is idea #1 the 2 thumbs below this are development into that particular thumb.

Thumbnail 42 was just expanding into my idea of the frame design I think engraved eyes around the frame would be creepy considering the image that they are reflecting also adding an element of artificiality (automaton).

Thumbnail 43 is further development into mirror types, playing away from the typical box frame. I like the idea of multiple mirrors which would allow me to play with my idea of shards but the shards being different mirrors. Still it is just an idea...

Thumbnail 44 is my second idea showing 2 frames that are reflecting 2 different areas of the same room. I liked how this conveyed 2 different situations - 2 possible alternate reality's, with one room pristine while the other is destroyed.

Thumbnail 45 is the matte painting physically contained in the frame a of Thumbnail 44, a fallen chair with a glass of water on the table that has yet to evaporate. This could signify that someone was just there the fallen chair causes one to question if they left in a hurry...

Thumbnail 46 is the matte painting physically contained in the frame b of Thumbnail 44, a standing table & chair with a plant in the middle. There is no window but a smashed wall lets in the outdoor natural light.

Thumbnail 47 is my third and final preferred idea I liked the angle of this room and how the mirror on the wall reflects an out of shot staircase. The chairs in this scene have all fallen over with the exception of the closest, someone could be sitting there... who knows.

Thumbnail 48 is the matte painting of the mirror in thumbnail 47 a little dormant but I like the idea of not being able to see the top, there could even be an emitting light source that pours down the stairs that is out of shot...

Thumbnail 49 is an alternate image for the matte painting in thumbnail 47 I liked the image but I didn't like being able to see the top of the stairs, it felt more ambiguous to be in the unknown regarding the fate of the stairs.

Thumbnail 50 is a frontal shot of the bar I have been trying so hard to showcase in my other thumbs. Its a water bar so every bottle on the back wall would contain water and below that would be small glasses as it is very expensive to buy a single tiny glass. I drew this to visualise the bar at an angle I was more comfortable.

Last but not least I created a breakdown of my 3 final ideas stemmed from the thumb nailing process. Step 1 shows the complete idea of the concept illustrating what is 2d and what is 3d.

Step 2 & Step 3 are development steps I took to understand the concept better. I will expand these when I come to my preparatory studies & illustrate them with visual research.

The ideas are easily broken down into columns and are illustrated by their number underneath. I believe these thumbs are more subtle & ambiguous then some of my other thumbs.

Well this concludes the thumb nailing process for Unit 3, my preparatory studies will follow tomorrow.

Take it easy everyone...

Over & Out,