Monday, 2 January 2012

Unit 3: Environment - Thumbnails - The Water Tavern (21-40)

Hello Everyone,

Just uploading my recent batch of thumbs towards my Salvage Planes Uncanny concept. This is 21-40 primarily focused on the interior of a deserted water tavern. You may ask what a water tavern is - it is where people go to in times of dire thirst to purchase a pitcher of water - at cost.

Why is this concept relevant? Because this image is based on something that I have written - the fictitious salvage planes. I want this image to encapsulate an uncanny draught... Which is why the image is isolated.

The mirror could reflect an item of its alternate say an luminous pitcher of water - untouched & un-evaporated with contrasted colour tones. Now lets move onto the interior 20. My final 10 will be my definitive ideas from the initial 40 elaborated/combined a little further.

Thumbnails 21 & 22 (above) were my initial experiments of interior decoration. For these the reflected angle is the difficult thing to calculate but these two paved the way. I liked the idea of an isolated table with a ray of sun shining through boarded up windows.

Thumbnails 23-26 (above) were further explorations of interior decoration. I even toyed with the idea of the mirror being a picture showing an alternate version of the room it is set in - this influenced number 23. 25 was my attempt at an alternate mirror with elaborate decorations blocking its view but this idea didn't feel right for my idea of the doppelganger, that being said I liked the mirror design.

Thumbnails 27-30 (above) were the first time I felt real flight with the concept I loved the idea of 2 mirrors separated by a right angle wall reflecting almost identical scenes. 28 was the birth of the idea which I elaborated to 29 but I preferred the idea of seeing both as in 28. 30 came from hiding the second mirror around a steep corridor, which opened many more gates for me to try.

Thumbnails 31-34 (above) were further expansions on the original idea of 30. I wanted to portray an open room as opposed to a winding corridor I loved the idea of a mirror reflecting a staircase with possibly an adjacent light emanating from an open doorway. 34 shows my attempt at implementing a bar of sorts (it is a tavern after all). 32 was a complete change of pace but the idea of reflective light was also interesting to me.

Thumbnails 35 & 36 were further exploration to the bar setting establishing alternate angles (35) & further props (36). I love 36 this will possibly be one of my definitive ideas. 37 & 38 were further exploration into the texture study I created in photoshop Phil's class. A cracked hole in a wall revealing another room (a dopple reality) this idea intrigued me.

I found Thumbnail 39 (above) here the most interesting laying way to a crack in a wall revealing a distorted bar (The image from 36 & below). 40 was a further expansion from the idea of number 23 - an alternate picture as opposed to a mirror. My definitive thumbs will be underlined in the final 10 and then expanded throughout my preparatory studies.

Well this concludes my post for images 21-40 I have not forgot my OGR advice to define my intent. This will be done on the final 10 images where I will make everything crystal clear.

Btw - Happy new year & all that, back to the grind stone.

Over & Out,

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