Sunday, 15 January 2012

Unit 3: Environment - DVD Case, Display & CD Design

Hello Everyone,

Second update of the day (oh what a day), I did this last minute for Unit 2 - a mistake I won't be making this time. This should free up maximum time for Thursday allowing me to plough through the scene with an assortment of skill and confidence (wow cant believe I'm saying that).

I have been known to (on occasion) age things as I mentioned in my last post - above everything else I love ageing books. Worn paper its just the best. For this case I have dug out an old book texture that I dug from a CD some time ago. It hasn't aged (or it has depending on how you look at it).

Anyway without any further ado I give you my CD & Case design :)

Starting off in typical fashion above is my CD Art - I thought I'd utilise my concept here I prefer doing this to taking background from the web. This concept works brilliantly for this CD - I am in love. Lets leave it there I think.

Following the CD is my case sleeve which you can see flat above. I thought id remove the middle divide this time merging the front and back sides of the cover. I love this texture - very handy when you are texturing books in & out of 3D geometry.

Last but not least is the display of the Unit 3 Cover. I know this seems trivial but what can I say I don't do this part for the viewer I do it because I like it. Who knows what the next cover will be :P Looks like I'm gonna have to dig up some new textures...

Well this concludes my post for the CD & Cover design lets hope that this thing prints nicely now. Next will be my final review and then I gotta get down to Essay writing - the Fun never stops...

Take it easy people!

Over & Out,

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