Sunday, 15 January 2012

Unit 3: Environment - Matte Painting

Hello Everyone,

Seeing as I got Phil's approval with my mise-en-abyme style matte painting I have decided to get this post up ASAP. I have gone so far as to embed the painting into my mirror prior to getting the scene complete. The next step is to finally build the rest of my 3D assets and create the finished scene in my concept.

I am rather confident about building the objects, I think this process will be quick the texturing and UV mapping is usually where the time rolls into hours. The light passes will be a nice process to get used to (if I can remember how to do them). Below is the very beginning of my 3D scene (hold the applause) :P

My matte painting & its 3D component are below.

Fig 1 (above) is the bump map for my 3D mirror, when looking at the flat plane I thought to myself - why model all of those details when I have them on a static texture that I can easily manipulate. You will see the result at the bottom of this post, suffice to say I wasn't disappointed... :)

Fig 2 (above) is my texture containing my matte painting. This took a little soul searching to get correct. I realised after placing the full concept paining in the mirror that the mirror was only to reflect another mirror - not the entire scene. A little confusing but I got there in the end :)

Fig 3 (above) is the matte painting alone just for my own clarification. This scene is from my concept painting and as you can see it is endless. I kept the grime from my texture in each mirror as Phil told me he liked that. I have to say I will warm more to this when I see it all in the completed 3D scene :)

Fig 4 (above) is a render of my current scene - a mirror containing my matte painting. The mirror has the above textures/bumps & completed matte painting. I have a feeling that I will be playing with lighting more then texturing for this scene, either way I am confident in the challenge.

Well my next post should be my final review, I had intended to get cracking on this earlier but I felt the need to post my progress of the finished matte painting and mirror model.

Take it easy people!

Over & Out,

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