Thursday, 19 January 2012

Unit 3: Environment - Lighting Tests to Final Light

Hello Everyone,

I'm up late once again but it has been worth it... at least I think. While my finished 3D model is not quite as good as the concept art I still think its a good representation for a guy who is very new to creating fully fledged scenes in Maya... :P Mea I dunno I did my best.

This is the first of 3 final posts marking the end of Unit 3, the last one of course being the crit, oops and the deadline complete post which happens at the end of every unit :)

Anyway lets get onto the imagery.

This is my initial attempt (above) at lighting and it is probably what I wasted most of my time on. In the end I just went with my gut, I badly wanted an emanating light coming from the door and the only way I knew how to do something like that was through glowing textures.

Light test 2 (above) was dialling back the strength on the glow as I thought it was effecting the frontal wall sporting my mirror matte painting. Suffice to say this was not the reason. I started heightening the glow on the door which I didn't know would change drastically when the door texture changed.

Light test 3 (above) shows me achieving decent light on the back wall, it felt much more sinister then the cladly lit bright wall. This light also made the mirror protrude more which really gave the mirrors indents depth.

Light test 4 (above) was conducted when the bar of my tavern started to make an appearance, I wanted the angle to be correct & compliment the final result. In hind sight I should have gotten my props in place and then tinkered with the lighting.

Light test 5 (above) saw the incorporation of reflective light on the bottle in my scene (thanks Alan and Simon). The light finally felt correct here but I would only lose it later to an unexpected Maya crash... Doh! Still the room compliments itself well (even now).

Light test 6 (above) saw me playing with bump mapping on my frontal box - I am going to have to ask Simon or whoever about this process next time I just keep making the maps dark but they always end up too bumpy... Oh well. But yeah I can only attribute the strengh of depth to the depth map shadows on my scene lights...

Final Lighting (above) it strikes me as a little messy even now I think there are a total of 3-5 lights in the entire scene. This process took the greatest amount of time. I really need to run through some more in depth lighting tutorials very soon.

Well this concludes my little post for initial lighting tests (that I actually did record - there were many more). The next posts will be my UV & Texture maps - which should be with your shortly.

Take it easy people!

Over & Out,

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