Thursday, 13 October 2011

Unit 1: Anatomy - DVD Case, Display & CD Design

Hello Everyone,

I'm here with the first update of many that I am attempting to get up before vacating on my holiday to Orlando, anyway lets get to it.

I have made a CD/DVD design a case design and finally a display (its using a ps3 case but I used it because it looks cool). The designs are below anyway, please enjoy.


The item above in case you couldn't guess is my DVD design, this kind of stuff doesn't take me long. My design background is very vast, I'm rather happy with the final look.


The image above is the design case, I like it... simplistic, does the job and kind of gets the idea across. It also has the advantage of having the creative assignment synopsis on the back. These designs also have the advantage of being to scale.


The image above is the display version, I did this purely for me... I like how these cases look when you put them in a display fashion. The image was a reference image but It suited the title of "Anatomy".

Well that's that, I got another few little bits to go over the next few days. My sleeping pattern is going to be troublesome but I will find a way of getting it on there. There is always a way...

Have fun people...

Over & Out,

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