Saturday, 15 October 2011

Unit 1: Anatomy - Head Studies

Hello Everyone,

Coming in with another update, the head studies. I did have a problem executing them to the level to which I am accustom to but I was told I have to stop being so precious and I agree.


Study #1 I thought came close to looking like me (probably slightly thinner then me). I thought my biggest success was the upper lip as that has always evaded me in the past. Working in charcoal is more fun then I could have imagined, Moving on.


Next (Study #2) I decided to try a thinking face, kind of wound up looking like a bored face and slightly Asian weirdly enough... What I like about it is again the lips and the cheek. The eyes are also interesting despite their slight inaccuracy. The hair is probably the most accurate to my own.


For my final face charcoal sketch (Study #3) I decided to pull an angered face. I've always wanted to do grief in my concepts but never been able to convey it properly. What spoils this study a little is the fact that my bottom lip is totally missing, I went in after freezing it in place to try and rub it out but it wouldn't budge. Slightly gutted but I like the texture in my hair. And the face does actually look a bit more like me then the others.


Next for Study #4 I decided to return to my formulas and get the study for the head down Primitively. As you can see using Davinci's method, I was able to plot the dimensions of the head from a side angle... very pleased with this method of thinking. It adds a new level so one can assume what to expect in a location which is confusing. The axis point is to allow one to justify the alignment of the head to eye level. If those lines on the top and bottom are flat the face is looking directly forward. I thought it was quite a cool thing to know about.


Finally Study #5 was to plot the front perspective from the side angle, which is ideal particularly for 3D modelling and general character profiles. Aligning the features was quite fun but I think the width got a little muddled somewhere down the line as the front is a bit thinner then the side. The idea was to understand the formula and now I think I do.

Well that concludes the head studies, slightly rushed but they are better then nothing. I certainly have attained a greater accuracy when drawing at a pace, I suppose I have life class to thank for that.

Anyway, talk later people.

Over & Out,

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  1. really nice drawings, Stitch - very moody, very expressive.