Thursday, 6 October 2011

Unit 1: Anatomy - Maya Exercises, Week 1 & 2

Hello Everyone,

A late night update before I shower (I've been modelling all day). Tomorrow we are going to be using them for something (not sure how I will get these from my 2012 version of Maya to their 2011 version). I might just bring my laptop in to save myself some grief. Anyway without any further-a-do I give you my first Maya Renders. Those of you that know I have a 3DS Max background, so this truly is the first Maya experience. On to the renders...


Model 1: The Dice. When first looking at this little model I couldn't help but underestimate it... I mean its dice how hard can it be right? Not as easy as you'd think it took about an hour or so to knock up. I did 2 others just for the heck of it, the UV mapping was as unpredictable as ever but the dots are in the right place... Its a handsome scene.


Model 2: The Magnifying Glass. This one was actually quite fun for all the shiny shader effects. It was also nice to see the use of Maya transparency via the magnifying - glass. Overall a little tricky in corners but it got there... Prefer the moodiness of the dice scene but this one is okay.


Model 3: The Pen. The base of the pen was the simplest, when you start getting into the clip you have a lot of custom vertex movement which can cause havoc if you are not paying attention. I also had a pulling issue with the nib of the pen... I have no idea how I fixed it. I strayed from the colour scheme of the video... I liked applying my our flavour.


Model 4: The "Darth-Vader" Fan. The longest model to make by a long shot. Adding the shiny metal was a very fun feature in this, I can't help it I like shiny things... The reason I call it the Darth Vader is because I asked myself what colours would the Dark Side want in a Fan? So I came up with a red and black Combo... very evil... very me... mwahahaha.

Anyway that's all of the models required, as far as I can see on the animation blog. I'm a bit shocked that we cannot look at any of our other classes. I guess they don't want us to plough ahead, heh I would If I had the time.

Well that's that, for 3D Modelling weeks 1 & 2 (as far as I can tell). Please gimme your thoughts (if you want).

Over & Out,

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