Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Unit 1: Anatomy - Life Class Week 3

Hello Everyone,

Just bringing a new life class update for week 3. Still trying to work out a fully lit room but this will do with some photoshop touch ups. Week 3 had us begin with a series of 1 minute sketches, which was a little fast never the less I can appreciate the goal which is for us to block in the shape as quick as humanly possible.


Fig 1 was the 1 minute sketches, the poses were interesting non-the-less I just wish I could have had a little more time to get some decent lines in. I think the idea our lecturer wanted us to follow was just simply drawing the outlines, I will try to do that next time.


Next (Fig 2) came the first round of 10 minute sketches (x3), (a huge leap down from 30) non the less it got me to focus on what was important, just getting the general shape with some last minute tone. The last one was my favourite but I didn't have time to shade it sadly.


My next drawings (Fig 3) I felt myself actually letting go (a little) just prioritising the form itself even though the stance for the girl was a little inaccurate. Overall, I didn't think these drawings were that bad, I feel like I captured it well for 10 minutes.


Fig 4 started off well but I completely lost track of time, I wanted to capture the entire pose including the stick our model was using to lean. In light of all of this I didn't get time to do much of a tonal pass with the charcoal. It was a lesson learned.


Fig 5 was probably my best, again a final 10 minutes (1 minute of which someone turned the lights off changing the lighting on him to a silhouette, luckily it came back on). Never the less by this point I was knackered I guess the key here is to just let go.

Anyway this concludes my Life Class post for Week 3,

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  1. Improving every week Stitch, that's the goal and you're on top of it. In fig.2 even though you didn't get to shade the third drawing I feel like it's the best on the page proportion wise judging by the head and posture. Fig.3 second drawing has nice shading, it captures his body without the use of too many lines. As for fig.4 I guess you need to build up on fast drawing, keep your eye on the model and don't stop drawing, take a step back every now and again to make sure proportions and angles are right and keep going. Details are easy to add once that's done, and if you're running low on time then don't add too much charcoal and the whole body, just focus on dark spots like the armpit, groin and shadows from arms and legs. Finally fig.5, I like it end of story, you captured his stance nicely (something about the neck and his arms, good stuff).