Saturday, 15 October 2011

Unit 1: Anatomy - Maya Exercises, Week 4 - Materials & Texturing

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Another post, really getting somewhere now. This is the conclusion of my Maya training. This week was looking into texturing and materials, something slightly difficult (namely the UVs) with something fun (creating cool shaders).

Free Fall Interactive

The Common Material animation above shows various shader effects, from Blinns to Lambert's. This animation shows the range of these 2 shaders creating glows, reflective materials for silvers and golds. A very nice approach to working with CG Arts.


Next we would put the fundamentals of texturing into practice namely on a bottle. The label texture was to be added via a 2D film form from a provided source image. The reflections of the glass were shader effects (please view the above animation cycle to see the shader in its sole form).


We then moved on to put our lessons to this point into practice, modelling poker chips and UV texturing them. Above shows a snapshot of my model and the finished result. The chips were to be piled and placed naturally, the images for the chips were created in Photoshop.

Free Fall Interactive

Last but not least was the Detectives Desk, which had us create Layered render passes for a batched render. The resulting layers were then to be placed into Photoshop for combination into the Final Image which punches out better then the precursor Beauty Pass.

I found (and always have found) UV texturing a bit of a chore, but I am happy to be learning new and improved ways to make it less of a chore. The weeks ahead will be very interesting for Maya I can feel it.

Anyway, hope everyone has enjoyed everything thus far.

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