Saturday, 15 October 2011

Unit 1: Anatomy - Life Class Week 4

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The first of many posts today, as this is the last day before the Orlando trip. You may have to bear with me but everything will be on here (some at 3am I bet). Anyway enough chatter.

This post is about week 4 of life class which had us looking into a lot of quick sketches before following into "pencil measuring" for accurate proportions on the page. The only issue I had was with space, it can get a little tight in the room and that made it rather difficult in this class.


Fig 1 (above) was some of the quick sketches, it was rather difficult to get everything down. This kind of drawing challenges me on an entirely different level but I do understand its reasoning. Looking back I should have just began the exercise with charcoal.


Next came Fig 2 (above) which was the final quick sketches of the day. These ones came a lot quicker causing me to kick myself for not using charcoal earlier. Pencil is just too slow for these 1-2 minute sketches.


Next Fig 3 (above) which was the first of our measuring exercises. What made it rather difficult was foreshortening but everything was put in the correct place. I am happy with the proportions in this picture and I think it was a pretty decent attempt at measuring.


The final drawing of the day was Fig 4, the model was practically head with my view which I think may have made the picture look a little less dimensional. Never the less the measuring system worked for this, I was able to get the body in the correct proportion to the head.

Well that concludes life drawing for this uni. I look forward to getting back into that room to take a closer look at anatomy and speed up my drawing capability with quality & vigilance.

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