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Unit 5: Animation - Life Class Week 15

Hello Everyone,

Last update of the day before bed, this is the stuff from our last life class session. I would just like to mention that I have not included everything drawn in the lesson as we were asked to knock up lots of smaller images which I chose to throw across in large images. Needless to say the only images that I felt were worth posting have been included in this post.

Week 15's life class was looking at moving form once again, still not my preferred method of drawing. The images were to remain loose just to somehow convey a floating gesture from image to image.

Lets get to the life class images:

Figure 1 (shown above) is a standing pose, I preferred seeing images in this way. The problem I felt with the moving image is after a while the images begin to merge into a mess and its difficult to isolate which line is which. Before you know it you are ruining forms which made more sense earlier on.

Figure 2 (shown above) is the continuation of the standing form in figure 1. The page changing between figure 1 to 2 delayed the completion of this page, I had underestimated how used to drawing massive I had become. My perception of visual form resolution has changed so being asked to draw smaller suddenly was a little bit of a shock on my eye.

Figure 3 (shown above) consisted of the model sweeping the floor something we have seen alot of this past few weeks. These were all required to happen very fast, I found adapting to this style of drawing difficult, I like having the freedom to refine. In this case you blink and the pose the model was in is gone, you can only move on, it was challenging to say the least...

Figure 4 (shown above) utilised a fabric of sorts which made the drawing easier as it covered a third of the form half of the time. My eyes were also adapting to the idea of a smaller image. I was glad by this point because I was tired of constantly having to change massive A1 paper for 2-3 charcoal rough sketches...

Figure 5 (shown above) consisted of our model picking up and object and then throwing something from it. This turned out better then I thought it would, again I was proud that my eyes actually adapted to the size alteration. The second drawing from the top left was quite possibly my most favourite here, the form was good for such a quick sketch...

Figure 6 (shown above) was the first of many moving images we were to construct. Some people found this process easy, I didn't, I understand the importance of a flowing image but I just couldn't get comfortable for the short period of time in which we were to draw. As mentioned in other post I like being able to make refinements, form has to at least feel right to me, this process I felt didn't allow for that.

Figure 7 (shown above) was when I felt things were beginning to get really messy. As I mentioned earlier eventually too many drawings just becomes a mess and its hard to define what is what. Possibly different coloured pencils could have aided here, its what some people were doing, I wish I had considered this process, the constant array of blacks was just hard to read and identify one image from another...

Figure 8 (shown above) was actually 2 different poses but having used so much paper I thought I would try to throw them onto a single page. At this point things were just constantly moving with no serious pausing, I found this difficult to isolate & refine. Probably what I wasn't enjoying was the inability to fixate on a pose, I think this is just a lack of experience on my part. I will be looking into improving this field in the near future...

Well that concludes week 15 of life class. It wasn't perfect but being able to identify my flaws is good, I know what I don't understand it could just be I cannot break down the information in seconds, it could be my want to be perfect... Either way I learnt a hell of a lot...about myself.

Take it easy people!!

Over & Out,

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