Sunday, 8 April 2012

Unit 5: Animation - Maya Exercises, Week 4 - Additional Rigging

Hello Everyone,

Just posting up the final Maya lesson (which I also missed - sadly). I have enjoyed these rigging exercises I must say specifically when I got to size my rig to a character mesh - It just felt great to be attributing the skeleton to my little caveman. I was a little gutted that we didn't get to skin weighting but I guess that comes soon...

The final weeks exercises consisted of additional rigs, which were basic eyes, tail & object exchange. They are all valuable things to know its just a shame we didn't get to work on that little skeleton more :P

Anyway lets get down to the videos created in Week 4:

The basic eye rig (shown above) was quite possibly the most confusing, setting up the blink motion required lots of work with attributes and connections etc. I still find this a confusing part of the process but I don't doubt that's just a trial and error experience. Eventually we will become comfortable using them, 10 rigs down the line...

The Object exchange rig (shown above) threw a few tiny problems my way particularly with the wording on the tutorial document itself. Still, once I got over the floating object situation realising it wasn't something I had done I managed to get the hang of it. I even decided to provide the returning motion just for kicks...

The Tail & Spline rig (shown above) was my favourite of this little trio. Throughout I was just constantly wondering what will this do to make it read as a tail to me. Once I began having a play with the motion after the tiresome scripting stuff it made me chuckle. I thought the whole thing was cleaver after - its awesome!

Well this concludes the final week of rigging, again I'm a little sad to see it pass but I don't doubt we will be returning here again soon. I may even look deeper into this over summer when I am juggling my company work in Unity.

I think there is only one post to go now until I finally get down to the animation project, I'm a little nervous but I guess I can only do my best here, just gotta enjoy the burn...

Take it easy all!

Over & Out,

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