Monday, 23 April 2012

Unit 5: Animation - Time Management - Deadline Complete

Hello Everyone,

Just wrapping up this Unit before I get invested in the final Unit of this year (Unit 6). I'm not without doubt there seems to be a lot to be done on this brief but I'm taking comfort in knowing that we are required to do hardly any written work and no life classes meaning I have more free time. I just have to focus gotta keep looking out for that next massive chunk of rest.

This unit has been to say the least one of the most difficult and time consuming things that I have ever done. I'm tired but It has opened my eyes a little. Animation was something I wasn't even able to comprehend before and it took a lot of soul searching to actually understand it. At least now I know how to do it for any 2D games I go to make in the future (something hush hush that I will be working on over summer).

Anyway lets sign off Unit 5...

This is the task board with crosses all over, I'm pretty sure everyone has seen my process 9 or so more times by now so I'm quite sure that you are used to it. Needless to say the next Unit will probably have to be more strategic, I have a few ideas.

This is me with the board I usually do this one just to show that its all mine that's if the wallpaper didn't give it away. Tomorrow I will begin serious research into demographics etc, this is the best way to start this project so I will follow it to the letter. Tonight as always is about planning out the workload and finalising the old work load.

Its kind of weird really, a year has gone already not that it hasn't been tiring. Not sure what to expect next really, but I won't get rusty over summer If anything I have to refine I want this stuff to become second nature and if I keep going with it even if I bodge Unit 6 it won't happen again.

Well, it was an interesting experience Unit 5, part of me will miss what you have made possible in my mind. Part of me also thinks yikes how did I actually manage to do that. Hey Ho...

5 Down 1 to Go...

Over & Out,

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