Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Unit 6: Commission - Initial Thoughts

Hello Everyone,

I've been contemplating my chosen idea still thinking inattentively but the theme for how we perceive age appears to be very cutely linked to fantasy. The title of Peter Klappers presentation speaks about "Becoming Immortal" which would in no small part make all of mankind gods.

If I'm going down the Fantasy Route I'd like the option of considering an animated story book but no not like how past projects have been done, what I'm considering is something new. From conversations with Nat I'd really like to do something that inspires me and this method of storytelling has inspired me since I saw it in a game I once played - "Lost Odyssey".

A thousand years of dreams is a method of story telling in which text is sprayed across the screen in various animation methods. Sound effects react with the text and the backgrounds revolve and subtly move with dream like borders. The artwork is painted but I can see the method working for moving 3D models if need be. I just wish this idea to be told like a story as a fantasy writer would.

With that being said I could converge this tale into actually being a dream but a dream based on scientific fact. To those that don't know of Lost Odyssey it is about a man that is immortal - flashing back through dreams of his past, which he gradually remembers as time goes on. I just want to go on note by saying I love this method of story telling.

The images don't do it too much justice but I believe it to be a very effect way of telling a story. I had beginning to tailor make my own prior to coming onto this course and I've been looking for an opportunity to use it myself. If I could use this or at least a form of this I would be very happy.

I have found my two favourite "Dream" sequences from "Lost Odyssey" videos that got me thinking about the importance of Narrative prior to even considering going to college. If it wasn't for these I probably wouldn't be here right now. Theres nothing I'd love more then to get a chance to create something inspired by these.

The Art Style is very painterly but I think it could work if done effectively with 3D Geometry, I just have to find a way of making the experience engaging. Perhaps this can be done with the fantasy theme itself I just have to consider an interesting narrative and a way of broadcasting that to a demographic.

The post production will be the vital component of this medium but I believe it can be done in 1-2 minutes, the art of Klappers presentation in particular had a very fantasy feel about it. I think this is an effective way to go, of course I will look into the demographic this will be aimed at.

I just hope this method is okay, it would really boost my inspiration levels. Anyway I have two other posts to make today which are based around this research specifically. Lets hope all goes well...

Take it easy!

Over & Out,

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