Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Unit 6: Commission - Artistic Style/Journal

Hello Everyone,

Ive been doing a bit of digging trying to unpack the idea of an animated book with text. I even found a video from Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow, please see the video below:

The first few moments of the video (involving the book) are how I plan to animate this project. Possibly a diagram of a drawn image in the book which moves ever so briefly only to become a 3D object when it is zoomed into. The words draw themselves across the page and are read by some kind of a narrator. In the case of ageing the shortening of telomeres on a DNA strand.

My art style is very much based on the journals of Da Vinci. I have provided a few which are directly from his journal (like the one above) more then anything I love the worn paper effect as it will be so nice to throw words across.

This theme of course feels more adult then for children but that being said I don't want to write the fantasy element off. If its done right I could attribute it to teens which is where it feels it would benefit the most. Still I find the concept very interesting and it could be the way to go...

This has numerous clear advantages to it also enabling me to make do with colour and use sketches. I will obviously hand make my textures for the pages of the book - a first time experience for me and I cant wait. I will be researching my demographic, etc Next just to see that I keep to the conventions of these brief and my project for this Unit.

I see the book being a 3D model on a desk in some kind of Victorian scene, there could be brief animation in 2D sketches on the page (when I say brief I mean brief). The camera could then zoom into the sketch and it could become the 3D model and act out the explanation of the process of telomeres degrading.

I feel enthused about this direction, I'm gonna have to figure out quite a few things but I believe this can be done if I keep it simple. I'm not going to over complicate anything on this brief. I have a maximum of 2 minutes, If my film sees 1 minute I'm going to be happy...

The last Units have taught me I cannot burn over everything this has to be handled to my own limits here. I don't think this will be complicated in any way shape or fashion, I think it will be just right... and I get to have a small play with some of my remaining animation paper which thanks to my sketchy idea will work wonders on old worn paper...

Well this concludes the art style that I am thinking about using, please drop me your opinions if and when you can in the mean time I'm going to be talking about this to a few people I know in the science game so to speak.

Take it easy!!

Over & Out,


  1. Hey Stitch - okay - hold on a sec! Firstly, I think the fantasy riff is a red herring and additional bundle of 'language' you don't need; for example, don't you think it's a little confusing that knowledge in regard to DNA should somehow be in a Victorian setting? Also - the notion of ageing and living forever is 'Fantastic', but your prime job is to explain ageing adequately in under 2 mins. I love the Da Vinci aesthetic though - and I don't think you even need to bother modelling a book etc. and having the pages open; it's a bit of cliche in fact. There is, however, something wonderful about seeing what, at first glimpse, looks to be flat 2d drawings/sketches - that suddenly reveal themselves to be 3d dimensional forms; the idea of these richly cross-hatched bioscientific Da vinci-inspired drawings coming to cg life before our eyes is exciting, and I suggest that you jettison some of the other baggage and deal instead with the structural and technical challenges of realising that vision. My gut says that you're keen to lever in an existing interest (fantasy), when what's already enticing about your production design doesn't need that layer to succeed or to exist...

  2. you should also look at the anatomical drawings in Grey's Anatomy: