Saturday, 7 April 2012

Unit 5: Animation - Walk Cycle Sheets

Hello Everyone,

Another small update before the big push tomorrow and beyond. Not sure if you have noticed but I spent a portion of today updating the blog layout as it was felt the theme I had was a bit too specific regarding the topic of genre. It was for this I decided to revert to my name and some chosen sentiments that I have to tell myself every day.

Anyway this post is about my lamps walk cycle, I had this done a few days back but due to other things as I have stated before it was put by the way side never the less it is here now...

Well lets get to it, I have another post to make after this...

The Squash Stretch tests (shown above) were my basic introduction into beginning to animate my lamp. I wanted to break my lamp down into components, and then consider how those components could move. This was before consulting the survival kit so there are some obvious miscalculations.

The foot squash test (shown above) was my very first in depth look into the theory behind animation. Everything began falling into place here, I knew how this lamp could move & I wanted to really convey him as a brute, the foot was only the first piece of the puzzle. This cycle will help me when I come to finally embrace this unit.
The cluster image (shown above) is what I drew out first ironically. I wanted to understand how the body reacted to its own weight and how that impacted the spine and leg. The neck was also considered especially when it was coming down from the hop, the toe approaching before the rest of the body.

The Walk cycle sheet (shown above) illustrates my oafish lamps walk broken down from the cluster. This was done after and actually made sense to me. I was also proud at how it was able to convey the motion I wanted in only 8 frames but I guess that's what successful animation is, the more accurate the less frames are required...

The Draft cycle (shown above) is what happened when I put the 8 frames together and moved them forwards. Needless to say I am quite proud at how this little guy moves. To think I was completely unconfident when drawing it in my sketch book (no animation paper was used).

The Inked cycle (shown above) was the same as the above only I decided to throw a splash of photoshop line art over the top. I probably wont reach this phase with the final animation but it was a nice thing to know was possible once I had the movement finalised. This made me think how easy it would be do ink almost anything once it is made...

The Inked cycle with sound (shown above) was my final test, I had to see how sound would work with the movement of the object. Like Disney with steamboat willie, I wanted to feel the character & I placed in a drop of my chosen track to feel the pace which worked well considerably. Pace is part of everything when considering any form of animated video.

Well that concludes my look into the walk cycle of my character, It is perfectly defined and I don't doubt I will get the chance to improve the rate of frames with the final animation push for this week.

I have another life class post to make before bed but I have learnt alot this Unit. I may not be the best but at least I understand the method, I just gotta try not to over complicate things... I tend to a lot.

Take it easy all!

Over & Out,

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