Thursday, 26 April 2012

Unit 6: Commission - Texture Creation/Influence Map

Hello Everyone,

A small update in the grand scheme of things but never the less here it is. I created these textures the other day and I wasn't sure whether or not it was something that was valid to be posted on the blog, in the end I thought what the hell. I even compiled the influence map for the style in which I will be using for this unit. I have yet to put in the research but that will probably be something that I do at another junction, before the next step.

I am somewhat prepared for the next step of the process which will have me working on detailed sketches that will eventually fade into and become 3D models on this worn digital paper of mine. I have kept the book in mind but the way in which the images go from sketches to 3D models may involve the use of zooms into boxes.

Anyway lets get down to the work at hand...

Figure 1 shows me in my pyjamas (please don't mock them they are sonic the hedgehog!). What is important here is what I was doing, hand dripping a combination of tea and coffee onto sheets of A4 paper. I never created a texture this way before but I wanted to this time just to experience the worn paper effect first hand.

Figure 2 is the aftermath (believe me it was a mess) to top it off I stank like coffee a smell which isn't entirely out of my skin paws. I found the process really cool to finally get stuck into, I have spent waaaaaaaay too long using other peoples worn paper textures it was nice to finally sit down and make my own.

Figure 3 is a close up of the mess, not sure why I thought I'd put this one on there probably just to survey the carnage a little closer. The process that followed this was my first real experience with an iron (yes I've never ironed clothes before) nearly burnt my hand with it. Still I got the hang in the end and it finished the process.

Figure 4 is the paper I created after the ironing process of course I tried a few methods before this which included using the hob in my kitchen. Suffice to say the iron made the process go quicker, I just got sick of waiting around in the end I just took a leap. I think the paper turned out pretty well I must say, well it could have been worse.

Figure 5 was my first book test, prior to Phil's feedback. The book with the pages turning may be cliche but I don't know I kind of like it. Still there are other avenues to consider I guess I will just explore them all until I find something that truly jumps out at me. I could find something 100 times better which is much easier to produce.

Figure 6 was once I had scanned all of the sheets in (both sides) as the images were different on opposing sides. I decided to get them all in photoshop and take a glance I think you will agree they look no different then most destroyed texture paper over the web, the only difference is you are seeing the process right here! :)

Last but not least is my influence map, I thought I would roll this into the post after all it saves me making a dedicated post for one image. I have made Davinci's journals my focus but I have also considered other sketching styles including Michelangelo. The Sherlock Holmes credits also are a great influence here, the style was so awesome and crossed from footage into artwork seamlessly - Something to consider.

Well this concludes this little post, I should probably get ready to depart and get some much needed work done at University.

Hope everyone else is having fun!!

Over & Out,

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