Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Unit 1: Anatomy - Influence Map

Hello once again,

Thought I'd just put this Influence Map up as I believe I have my affairs in order for this creative task. There are some additional little nuggets that the map is specifically based on including the wheelchair. I'm not about to reveal everything though.


As you can see I have delved more into the physical drawing of the Walrus as there are certainly some techniques I will be taking account of. Some are settings that could suit the situation should I decide to angle toward cynicism or comedy.

Anyway I hope this provides a good look into my mindset for this task, take it easy everybody.

Over & Out,

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  1. Just a note on influence maps/mood boards. You don't have to slavishly fill up every square - indeed, you can use much bigger 'squares' to communicate an influence that is 'greater' than the others, and use small squares to signal that you've got a 'sprinkling' of that persuasion...