Thursday, 29 September 2011

Unit 1: Anatomy - Life Class Week 2

Hello Everyone,

This week we were told to more or less dive in be more confident (which I found a challenge). This would mean that lines had to be built up quicker more to the demands of the pose (being only 30 Min's between changes).

Generally though, I think my drawing ability is slowly improving. I'm learning techniques I hadn't considered before and if these exercises improve that I can't wait.


Fig 1 was my first of the day (we were told at the beginning to start being more confident with broader lines - not as light as my old ones). The arm was way too long due to the angle of the chair which I messed up, but lesson learned we move on. I was more happy with the face even though it wasn't quite finished, adding more shade there would have helped.


For the next picture (Fig .2) we were asked to add tones (light vs dark values) I can appreciate that. Little X's or points of utmost dark or light values to mark key areas of the anatomy, the side angle was easier to navigate but again I spent most of the time tidying up the figure before I could seriously get into the shading. The side angle was appreciated more as I do understand the side of anatomy better then the 3.5 view.


Fig 3 aka. the last picture of the day was nerve wracking, but an experience non the less. I knew perspective would play a massive factor as the model was laying down. I knew her body mass would expand when laying on the floor, I did actually get to the shading phase but it felt like I substituted her face for it which was a shame. The shading of key areas made sense, if you pinpoint the utmost dark values you can range into the lighter areas, I will be trying this next time we are in life class.

You get this effect when looking at a black and white photo, the colour is removed to remove the chaos. Stripping it down to what a sketch is Light vs Dark.

Look at the photo above, the cheeks and the nose are the utmost light. The inner hand contains the dark as does the neck. If it were to be sketched you would only put the dark... the white is your paper. The black lines are mere illusion and how we sum things up when we draw. Nothing is truly a line, the built up shade is the idea, the white is your light source.

The principles I understand, that doesn't bother me. Next time I will have to be more bold, I gotta take that leap of faith. My biggest problem is letting go and thats half of what drawing is, I'm sure my old patters will fade as I get more intuitive ones... what a day that will be :)

Anyway, thanks for the comments and opinions they are invaluable.

Over & Out,


  1. Hey Stitch, I'm going to ask you to tone down the 'inner monologue' on your blog. I don't think you need to keep apologising to your imagined reader, because the reader is drawn to the images; obviously, critique is good, but your conveying a lot of angst and worry through your blog, and while you may be feeling this, I wonder if, professionally, it's hitting the right note? Just something for you to ponder... and the 'be-winged' drawing might feel like failure to you, but I was drawn to it immediately, because it so reminded me of this kind of thing:

  2. Good drawings, although I feel like you're going over the same lines quite a bit to the point where they become thick and dark and also in the week 1 drawings aswell. I don't know if it'll work for you like it does for me but I tend to draw sketchy with many lines but lightly and then I pick out a single line that I darken and form the contour; the lighter lines then seem to form natural shading. Figure 3 is pretty amazing though, good form.