Sunday, 25 September 2011

Unit 1: Anatomy - Life Class Week 1

Hello everyone,

There was a little delay in getting this on here, been waiting for my new camera to come down from the sellers. Good news is I can now take very high resolution shots meaning I can now attain detail with my research, detail that is unscannable.

Anyway this post is about my first life class experience, yes the first. I found it a little nerve wracking and somewhat embarrassing. If there's anything I'm ashamed of its how I draw and to me it doesn't get more personal funnily enough.

I draw very lightly so the pictures had to be leveled. Drawing light was something my business partner taught me he advised me to build lines to create a concept. By nature I have always been pretty brutal and hard with the pencil so now I go as soft as possible and build from the ground up.

The process is good in practice but when your drawing 3 30 minute drawings 30 Min's simply isn't enough. I draw slow to begin with but I found this hard. To incorporate clothes is another issue, the ripples and creases they can take me an eternity to get correct. Anyway onto the drawings...


This (Fig 1) was the first one, as I mentioned above rough as it gets. I found sizing up difficult but I freed my arm a while back so drawing from the arm was relatively easier. Fitting everything onto a page was a challenge and have it be anatomically correct. In fact I'm not even sure that I succeeded in that area.


Next (Fig 2) came the actual model, I didn't actually do too bad here the feet have issues as I know she was standing and not floating. I thought the back was pretty decent and the face angle was more or less where it was. The size was more correct then the others. Generally this one was okay but I'm still not completely happy.


Finally (Fig 3 & my worst), this was the last of the day. I don't know what happened after 2 I guess this is where the clothes became an issue and the bench just completely threw me off for some reason. I did my best to recoup stuff but I couldn't get the hanging foot correct and from there the arms went wrong and the head is either too small or too large not sure. The perspective is completely out as well the bench is too angled (I think). Oh well...

Anyway not terrible I suppose for a first go, but my drawings were incredibly light. Mainly cause I fear pressing too hard reverting to my old ways. I guess this is a working progress, hopefully I will get better as time goes on.

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