Friday, 30 September 2011

Unit 1: Anatomy - Thumbnails 1 - 68

Hello Everyone,

I spent the last couple of days getting my idea of "Waldepeer" down on paper (in the form of 68 thumbnail sketches). I have a good feeling about the final piece now, a little more confident then usual.

I have been looking at my old post (Anatomy week 2) as well. The post made me re-analyse the distance of black and white. This is why I felt the need to (for my own reasons) invert the sketches in photoshop to see the image from the other side (black being the canvas, while white is the pencil). It kind of looks like chalk but I like seeing both.

Anyway below are my thumbs laid out, the numbers are on them you just may have to click and enlarge them to notice.


Figure 1 - click to enlarge

I wanted to get this initial stage in my sketch book. I spend way too much time focusing on the digital side. There is just something more thumbnail like from the sketch book I cant really put my finger on it. The first 21 thumbs (Fig 1) were based more on the anatomy - fusing of the upper human torso onto a Walrus bottom. Id say number 8 was my favourite on this batch, I liked the wobbly legs but it kinda still looks like a fish man.


Figure 2 - click to enlarge

Thumbs 22 to 45 were playing with figure, namely the curving of the Walrus's central mass, where to put it etc. My favourite here is the wheelchair (number 29) because it is actually how I imagined the concept so I was pleased it came out okay. I managed to reapply the central blubber here, I wanted to deviate from the human form and possibly keep 1 or 2 features. The arms didn't look right to me when they were short so I kept those long, this inspired the exaggeration of the hands.


Figure 3 - click to enlarge

Next was thumbs 46-60. At this point I was feeling much more confident about my design (Fig 3). I could visualise the bones morphing which is what inspired 50 - a, b, c & d and 51 - a, b, c & d.

I felt the curve of the spine flowed nice into the blubber fin walrus bottom. In a moment of madness I sketched up number 52 I wanted to do something incredible hulk like. It made me chuckle but I'm not sure if this will be the approach I take. 52 was my first big experiment with the massive hands (the trait I will be keeping). I wish I had a 6 pack then I could probably pull this concept off... but its just not me. My favourite here is defiantly 52, it makes me laugh every time I look at it.


Figure 4 - click to enlarge

Finally thumbs 61-68, these were the first drawings I did earlier on to get an idea of the Walrus anatomy. I also had a bit of a play with facial features. The thing that bugged me was not one of them looks like me, but I guess I'll correct that once I get cracking on the finale. 66 was best on this, I like the use of the arms pulling the body along. This was an earlier sketch of the giant tank like walrus, I guess you could say it was the original inspiration for big hands.

Well, I think that's where I shall end this post, this was a good experiment and to think about was a little daunting. But!! I'm glad I did it, because now I know what I will be going with. Those hands are key! that with a few little personal traits from yours truly (a Yo, yo maybe?) will be just what the doctor ordered.

Anyway, take it easy people.

Over & Out,

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  1. Loving how you inverted the colours on the drawings, great idea. Lets you see a different side of the drawing doesn't it. Also good variety in the sketches while at the same time keeping a base theme from your animal (tusks); gives a nice workflow of development.